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Elevate your macrame project with amazing macrame beads from Spotlight. Create boho style homewares and decor with macrame beads.

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Macrame beads are decorative elements used in the art of macrame, typically crafted from wood, ceramic, or other materials. Macrame beads in Australia have surged in popularity for their ability to add a handmade, bohemian flair to home decor and fashion. They are beloved for their versatility in creating everything from intricate wall hangings to stylish plant hangers, statement jewellery pieces and everything in between. Our range of macrame beads includes a variety of wood macrame beads, raw macrame beads for a natural style and strung options like round wooden balls and discs in different colours and sizes. Embrace the trend and enhance your crafting projects with Spotlight's exquisite macrame beads, perfect for adding texture and charm to your creations.

Elevate your crafting projects with Spotlight's exquisite range of macrame beads, designed to inspire creativity and style. Our wood macrame beads offer a natural charm, perfect for adding rustic elegance to your creations. Discover the rustic beauty of raw macrame beads, ideal for those seeking an organic, earthy aesthetic. Create eye-catching designs with our strung round wooden macrame beads, available in various sizes and colours, perfect for jewellery and decor accents. For a distinctive touch, explore our strung round wooden discs, offering versatility and texture to your macrame projects. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or new to macrame, Spotlight's diverse selection of beads ensures you find the perfect elements to bring your artistic visions to life. Dive into our collection and unleash your creativity today! Shop our entire macrame beads range including wooden macrame beads and much more in-store or online at Spotlight today!

Macrame Beads FAQs

How To Make Macrame Bracelets With Beads?

To make macrame bracelets with beads, start by cutting a length of cord and folding it in half. Secure the folded end, creating a loop for the bracelet's closure. String beads onto each cord end as desired. Use basic macrame knots like square knots or half-square knots to secure the beads in place along the length of the bracelet. Finish by trimming excess cord and securing the ends with knots or clasps for a stylish and personalised accessory.

How To Make A Macrame Plant Hanger With Beads?

To craft a macrame plant hanger with beads, cut four equal lengths of cord. Fold each cord in half and gather them at the midpoint, securing them with a knot. Separate into pairs and string beads onto each cord as desired. Use basic macrame knots like square knots or spiral knots to create a pattern, incorporating beads along the length. Finish by gathering cords at the bottom to form a basket for your plant pot.

What Size Beads Are Best For Macrame?

The best size of macrame beads typically ranges from 6mm to 10mm in diameter, depending on the intricacy and style of your project. Smaller beads like 6mm are ideal for delicate designs or jewellery pieces, providing subtle accents without overwhelming the macrame knots. Larger beads, around 10mm or larger, can add bold texture and visual interest to larger macrame projects such as wall hangings or plant hangers, making them a versatile choice for various crafts.

How Do You Secure Beads In Macrame?

To secure beads in macrame, thread them onto the working cords before tying knots. Use knots such as square knots, half-square knots or lark's head knots to hold the beads in place along the cords. Ensure the knots are tight enough to keep the beads from sliding, but not too tight to restrict movement. Experiment with placement and knotting techniques to achieve the desired look and stability in your macrame project.

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At Spotlight, we offer an extensive macrame range including macrame rings, macrame cords and more that are sure to provide inspiration to enhance the appeal of your home. Shop our macrame range online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you make the right choice for your home. Looking for more home decor inspiration? Look no further than our Home Decor Projects for an abundance of interior styling tips and ideas such as Macrame Pot Plants Project and Macrame Hanging Pots Project.



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