Lion Toy Cart Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:


  1. To start, make the wheels by gluing together two coasters, to create a set of four.
  2. Paint the box, large round placemat/cakeboard and the wheels (once the glue has dried). For this project we chose to do a darker yellow colour for the box which will become the body of the lion and a lighter colour for the coasters which will be the head and the feet/wheels. Let those dry.
  3. Once the separate pieces are dry, drill holes in the centre of the wheels, and into corresponding positions on the box. This will take some measuring so just take your time.
  4. Place a washer on top of a wheel face up, then insert the bolt. Push the bolt through the hole on the box, and then secure on the inside of the box with another washer and lock nut. Use a screwdriver and spanner to tighten.
  5. Now it's time to make the lion head! First, we'll create the raffia mane. To do this, cut 3 15cm lengths of raffia, then fold them in half to make a loop. Place the loop over the gold hoop and pull the ends of the raffia through to secure. Continue this all the way around, don't be surprised if it takes a little bit of time. Once completed, trim with scissors to around 5cm in length.
  6. To make the face, we painted the nose and then used a lion face design and two circles from Design Space and used the Cricut Joy and Smart vinyl. You can also simply paint the face by hand if you don't have a Cricut, but the vinyl gives a more elegant look.
  7. Glue the back of the face onto the mane using superglue, and then glue the completed lion head onto the wooden box.
  8. To make the tail, cut a length of chunky rope, and tie off close to one end using raffia. Tie off the other end about 5cm up the rope. Using your fingers or a comb, comb out the end of the rope to create a tail effect. Glue this to the back of the inside of the wooden crate.


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