Laptop Bag Project


What you'll need:

  • 1m x 112cm warlukurlangu poplin pop agnes nampijinpa
  • 60cm legacy fusible fleece
  • 40cm matching zipper
  • Matching Gutermann thread
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Sewing machine with zipper foot
  • Optional: 4cm square felt to match zipper

Note - This laptop cover can be made to suit any size laptop.


Measure and cut

Step 1 - Measure the front of your laptop and add 5cm to each measurement; the laptop measurements we used was 33cm x 22cm, so the measurements become 38cm x 27cm.

Step 2 - From fabric cut the following: four pieces 38cm x 27cm, two for outer and two for lining; one 38cm x 34cm for pocket; two 10cm wide x 38cm for straps.

Step 3 - From fusible fleece cut two pieces 38cm x 27cm for bag, one 38cm x 17cm for pocket and two 4cm x 36cm for straps.

Step 4 - Fuse one 38cm x 27cm fleece to wrong side of the outer bag pieces; press pocket fabric in half lengthways with wrong sides facing 38cm x 17cm, insert fleece and fuse to wrong side of one half; centre fleece for straps on wrong side of fabric strips leaving 1cm of fabric at each end and fuse.

Stitching the zipper

Step 5 - Place one fused outer bag rectangle right side up and centre 40cm zipper wrong side up along the top edge so fabric and zipper are right sides facing. With zipper centred, open zipper a few centimetres and pin in place so the edge of the zipper is aligned with the top edge of fabric.

Step 6 - Using the zipper foot sew down open edge, stop with needle down and lift foot. Carefully close zipper, lower foot and sew to end. Remove from machine. Place one lining piece wrong side up, on top of zipper and bag piece. Pin in place then flip work over and sew along previous stitching line. Flip the lining all the way over so the lining and bag are wrong sides together and press flat.

Step 7 - Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to attach the other outer bag and lining pieces to the other side of the zipper. Topstitch down each side of the zipper through outer bag zipper and lining. Press well.

Note - ends of zipper will extend over edges of bag.


Step 8 - Position pocket on front of bag with bottom and side edges aligned. Pin in place through all layers, pocket, bag and lining. Using 5mm seam allowance stitch pocket in place at sides and across the bottom edge. Measure in from sides to mark the center of the pocket and sew from top edge of pocket down to bottom seam to create two pockets.


Step 9 - Fold fabric ends over the fleece and press. Fold one long fabric edge over fleece and press. Press the other long edge of fabric 1cm to the wrong side then fold over fleece overlapping the other long side. Topstitch down the strap close to the fold. Topstitch across ends and down outside edges. Add extra rows of topstitching as desired.

Step 10 - To attach strap mark center top of bag. Position ends of strap 3cm down from top edge of bag and 3.5cm each side of the center. Pin and sew in place down each side of strap and across top and bottom edges. Repeat to attach second strap to the other side.


Step 11 - Open the zipper halfway. Pin bag pieces right sides together through all layers. Starting at top edge on one side and using 1cm seam allowance, sew together down one side across the bottom and up the other side to the top. Clip corners and zigzag or overlock seam

Step 12 - Turn right side out, pushing out corners. Press well.

Optional - Fold the 4cm square of felt over open end of zipper. Stitch around all sides and trim back close to stitching.



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