Ombre Unicorn Project




  • DCWV DIY Decor Wall Art Unicorn
  • Semco Acrylic paint in white and pink
  • Semco Metallic paint in gold
  • Printed scrapbooking paper
  • Glue
  • Ruby Rock-It Gold Glitter

Ombre Unicorn Project
Ombre Unicorn Project Download Ombre Unicorn Project


1. Remove each section from its cardboard frame

2. Isolate the horn and backboard sections and set aside.

3. Paint both sides of each of the unicorn head sections with white paint. Allow to dry. Remember to lay the pieces out in order!

4. In a palette or bowl, squeeze out a large amount of hot pink paint. Paint the largest piece at the base of the neck with undiluted pink paint.

5. Add a small amount of white acrylic, mix, and paint the next piece. Continue on until you have diluted the pink entirely.

6. Paint the horn sections with gold acrylic paint. Dust with glitter while the paint dries. You can add more glitter with glue to fill in any gaps once you are done.

7. Trace the backboard onto printed scrapbooking paper. Cut out and affix to the backboard with glue. Ensure to
cut out the centre slits also. Once all pieces are dry, assemble the unicorn head. The pieces may be a little more difficult to slot together once painted, but be patient!

Ombre Unicorn Project Download Ombre Unicorn Project
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