Eiffel Tower Canvas Project




  • 3 rectangular canvases 12 in x 24 in
  • Kaisercraft Eiffel tower - large
  • Jo Sonjas black gesso
  • Jo Sonjas unbleached titanium paint
  • Jo Sonjas silver paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint palette
  • Double-sided mounting tape

Eiffel Tower Canvas Project
Eiffel Tower Canvas Project Download Eiffel Tower Canvas Project


1. Paint all three canvases with black gesso and set aside to dry.

2. When dry assess if another coat is needed then apply a second coat and set aside to dry thoroughly.

3. Place the canvases together then use the Eiffel tower as a template/stencil by placing it on top of the canvases.

4. Apply the unbleached titanium paint in light strokes around the outside edges of the tower. Paint in the spaces of the tower before removing the shape. Repeat in other areas of the canvases if desired.

5. Paint the tower using the silver paint. When dry attach the tower to the centre canvas so the top and bottom overlap then hang on the wall with a slight space between each canvas.

Eiffel Tower Canvas Project Download Eiffel Tower Canvas Project
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