Level: Easy


  • "Moda Vera" Mega Tweed, 1 ball
  • "4 Seasons" Brighton 6 cols x 1 ball each. Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Apple Green, Ice Blue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thin wire and pliers
  • Card
  • Scissors, yarn needle, tape measure

Finished Size

43cm across x 21cm high approx


Step 1 - Cut 8 lengths of Mega Tweed yarn in each of the following lengths:

35cm, 37.5cm, 40cm, 42.5cm, 45cm, 47.5cm

Step 2 - Cut one length in the wire in each of these following lengths:

18cm, 20.5cm, 23cm, 25.5cm, 28cm, 30.5cm

Once done, bend back one cm on each end of the wire on itself with the pliers, this will stop the sharp end poking out of the wall hanging.

Step 3 - Using the shortest yarn lengths and shortest wire insert the wire in the middle of the 8 Mega Tweed strands and if needed add some hot glue to anchor. With 2 strands of Purple Brighton start wrapping the Mega Tweed and wire over the wired portion until it is totally covered. Use the yarn needle to secure the ends.

Step 4 - Continue in this manner in the following sequence, smallest to largest:

Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Apple Green, Ice Blue.

Step 5 - Once all the colours have been made, position them as pictured on the card, glue down the wrapped woollen pieces. Once dry cut the card so it will not show on the right side. Trim the Mega Tweed ends and hang on the wall.



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