Skiing Snowman Project




  • Shamrock Decofoam Ball 100mm
  • Shamrock Decofoam Balls 25mm
  • Semco Acrylic Matte Paint 59mL- White
  • Semco Acrylic Matte Paint 59mL- Black
  • Semco Acrylic Matte Paint 59mL- Bright Blue
  • Clubhouse 6mm x 30cm Chenille Stems- White
  • Clubhouse EVA Foam Sheets
  • Clubhouse 13mm Pom Poms- red/orange
  • Maria George 6mm Sequins
  • Joggle Eyes
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Small Decofoam Balls 25mm
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush

Skiing Snowman Project
Skiing Snowman Project Download Skiing Snowman Project



Paint your decofoam ball white and allow to dry.


Using a Stanley knife, carefully cut a small decofoam ball in half. These will become the feet. Paint the feet black and allow to dry. Paint two wooden skewers a colour of your choosing and allow to dry.


Grab a foam sheet and cut a large circle from foam, the mouth of a large glass is perfect to trace around.
Cut a rectangle shape from foam long enough to wrap into a cylinder, glue the ends together and attach to the
large foam circle, the circumference of the cylinder should be a little smaller than the circumference of the large foam
circle. Use a hot glue gun for best results when gluing. Cut another foam circle to place on the top of the cylinder,
attach with glue and trim any excess foam that may be overhanging.


Wrap the base of the hat with a chenille stem and attach some pom poms to the hat for decoration. Attach the foam hat to the top of your decofoam ball with glue.


Grab 2 chenille stems and cut them both in half. Push the chenille stems into the decofoam ball to make arms and legs for your snowman. Dab a small amount of glue onto the ends of the chenille stem that you push into the decofoam
ball for a secure hold. You may want to trim the arms and legs a bit shorter. Push the ends of the legs into the black
decofoam feet and bend the legs slightly to make knees.


Wrap each end of the arm chenille stems around a painted skewer. You may need to trim the skewer depending on
how tall your snowman is. Grab 2 large sequins and push them onto the bottom of the skewers to make ski poles. To secure, attach with glue.


Cut two ski shapes from foam and glue to the bottom of the snowmans feet. Bend the snowmans legs and arms to help balance him so he can stand up.


To finish, cut a small moon shape from red foam for a mouth shape. Attach to the face of your snowman. Glue a
tiny red/orange pom pom on for the snowman nose and add two joggle eyes above the nose. use a hot glue gun. To finish your penguin, attach two small joggle eyes above the beak.

Skiing Snowman Project Download Skiing Snowman Project
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