Pompom Easter Eggs Project




  • 1 x 100g ball each 4 Seasons Marvel 8ply in White, Pink, Lilac, Cloud, Lemon Sorbet
  • 1 x 100g ball 4 Seasons Marvel Printed 8ply in Baby 3
  • Pompom maker
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • or colours of choice

  • Pompom Easter Eggs Project
    Pompom Easter Eggs Project Download Pompom Easter Eggs Project


    1. Cut a length of yarn approx. 50cm.

    2. Double up and thread through the pompom maker, this will be to tie the pompom later.

    3. Holding the ends towards the centre, wrap yarn around the post 100 to 150 times depending on the density of the pompom desired.

    Note: The colours can be as varied as desired. Wrap red and blue together for a speckled effect. Wrap White 40 times, Printed 40 times and then nish with Lilac to create a pompom with stripes.

    4. Bring the ends of the tie together around the yarn and knot tightly. Cut the ends of the pompom around the edges of the pompom maker and remove the yarn.

    5. Trim the yarn pompom into the shape of an egg.

    If a template is needed, draw around an egg shape on a piece of paper and cut out to help create the correct shaped pompom egg.

    Make a variety of coloured eggs by changing the colour of the yarn you wrap around the pompom maker. E.g. 50 wraps Lemon, 50 wraps of Cloud and 50 wraps of White.

    Refer to the picture for ideas of colour choice.

    Pompom Easter Eggs Project Download Pompom Easter Eggs Project
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