Pirate Flag Project



  • 50cm of 112cm wide black cotton fabric
  • 20cm of 112cm wide white cotton fabric
  • 20cm square of red cotton fabric
  • Heat n bond fusible paper
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Tape measure/ruler
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine with zipper foot
  • Black sewing thread
  • Small dowel or conduit for flag pole


Step 1 - Cut a rectangle from black cotton fabric measuring 73cm wide by 46cm high. Sew a double narrow hem along the top and bottom edges by pressing under 5mm then another 5mm and stitching in place. Repeat to make a narrow hem along the right side edge.

Step 2 - To make a rod pocket for flag pole, press under 1cm along the left side of flag and then press under another 3cm. Sew pocket in place sewing close to pressed edge down height of flag. Sew across the top of the pocket to stop pole from going through the top of the pocket.

Step 3 - Using an iron, fuse Heat n Bond to the back of white fabric. From templates provided, trace the bones and skull pieces onto the paper side. Using sharp scissors cut out bones and skull from fabric. Peel off paper backing and place bones and skull glue side down centered on top of the front of the black flag as per template. Trim away any bone piece that can be seen through the eye or nose hole.

Fuse bones and skull to flag front with an iron. Top stitch around all the edges with black thread.

Apply Heat n Bond to the back of red fabric and apiece of black fabric measuring 15cm wide by 7cm high. From template trace bandanna shape to back of red fabric and eye patch to the back of black fabric. Cut shapes out, peel off backing paper and place shapes glue side down over the skull shape. Use the iron to fuse shapes onto the flag.Top stitch shapes in place around all edges.



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