Level: Easy


  • 'Pebeo' Procelaine 150 Paint in Gold, Sapphire Blue, Fuschia & Turquoise
  • Plastic cups and stirrers
  • 'Crafters Choice' Heat Gun
  • Paint brushes
  • 'Jo Sonja' Acrylic Paint in Prussian Blue Hue


Step 1 - Start by painting the entire wooden tray, we chose a dark blue to match out paint pouring colours. Leave to dry before painting a second coat.

Step 2 - Once the tray is dry you can prepare your Pebeo resin. Start by mixing equal parts of the Pebeo bottles into a plastic cup. Mix together for a couple of minutes with a Popsicle stick.

Step 3 - Decide on how many colours you want to use and divide the liquid from Step 2 into that many plastic cups.

Step 4 - Pour a small amount of each ceramic paint into each cup and again mix with a popsicle stick for a few minutes until fully mixed through.

Step 5 - Now comes the fun part, begin pouring your coloured paints into the tray in a random pattern and allow the colours to mix together by tipping the tray back and forth allowing the resin to flow in different directions until the whole base is covered.

Step 6 - You can play and add more colours on top in different areas to create different effects or use a popsicle stick to swirl patterns into the resin also.

Step 7 - Lastly use the heatgun to burst any air bubbles from the surface of the resin, this will give the tray a nice clean and smooth finish.

Step 8 - Leave the tray to dry overnight before use.



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