Level: Intermediate



Step 1 - Start by carefully cutting the brim off the natural straw hat.

Step 2 - Place the headband onto the head form and play with the straw piece to create a free-flowing shape. This may take a bit of work, fold it back on itself or create waves until you find a shape you like remember to hold it up on top of your head form to see how it will look on a head.

Step 3 - Use a needle and thread to stitch the straw in place and then stitch it onto the headband to secure. At this point it's best to try it on your own head to ensure the balance of the weight is right and the fascinator won't fall off. Readjust if needed.

Step 4 - Now you can work on your felt flowers. Cut out varying sizes of petal shapes and use the hot glue gun to glue them together. When each flower is complete attach a piece of wire to the centre of each one with some more hot glue. To finish bead the centre of each flower using the pearls and seed beads to cover up and raw edges of the felt or glue.

Step 5 - Position the flowers on the fascinator in the layout you like then glue or stitch the ends of the wire to the straw base to secure in place.

Step 6 - To finish add the quill feather and either glue or stitch in place.



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