Fabric Christmas Baubles Project

Level: Intermediate


  • Fabric A - Scandi Flat Fat Bundle, Red/Natural
  • Fabric B - Metallic Christmas Flat Fat Bundle, Green/Gold
  • 1 pk x 65mm Deco Foam Balls
  • 20cm matching narrow ribbon per decoration
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Short straight pin
  • Wooden skewers
  • Optional - Rotary cutter, mat & quilters rulers

Note - one decoration is made using Fabric A, one using Fabric B and oneusing a combination of Fabrics A & B.


Step 1 - Take a 20cm length of ribbon and overlap the ends. Apply a dot of glue to the centre top of a deco foam ball, place the ends of the ribbon on the glue and push a straight pin through the ribbon ends and into the ball. Leave for glue to set.

Step 2 - Press fabrics in Scandi Flat Fat Bundle and cut into 5cm (2") strips then crosscut into 5cm (2") squares. Note - you will need lots of squares

Step 3 - Take the ball and turn with bottom facing up and ribbon hanging down. Put a dot of glue on the centre bottom of the ball. With a square face up, place the centre of square on the dot of glue and using the pointed end of the skewer push fabric in to the ball taking out the skewer leaving the fabric in the ball.

Step 4 - Continue adding dots of glue and pushing in the fabric with the skewer working around the ball up to the top until the ball is completely covered. You may need to use new skewers from time to time.

Step 5 - Repeat Steps 1-4 using Fabric B and then make another using a combination of Fabrics A and B. there will be enough fabric to make more baubles if desired.



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