Level: Easy


  • 35cm of 112cm wide Metallic Christmas cotton fabric (upper outer body)
  • 50cm of 112cm wide Metallic Christmas cotton fabric (lower outer body & lining)
  • 50cm of fusible light/medium wadding
  • Scissors, Pins, Tape measure/ruler
  • Sewing machine, Sewing thread
  • Iron

Note - 1cm seam allowance is used unless specified.

Finished Size

Width: 15 cm
Circumference: 30 cm
Side seam: 24.5 cm


Step 1 - From the template provided

Cut 2 x base pieces and 2x linings from lining fabric

Cut 2 x upper pieces from outer fabric.

From wadding: cut 2x base and 2x upper pieces.

Step 2 - Fuse wadding pieces to the back of the two base and upper pieces.

Step 3 - With right sides facing, pin and sew the top of the base piece together with the bottom of the upper piece. Trim wadding back to seam and press seam down. Top stitch 5mm below the seam on the base piece. Repeat with the other base and upper pieces.

Step 4 - With right side facing pin the two sewn outer pieces together at the side and base edges, aligning any seams at the sides. Sew the sides and base together. Trim wadding back to seams, press open. To create the boxed base of the bag, open out the base corners and pin raw edges together aligning the side and base seams. Sew across on both sides, trim wadding and press seam open.

Turn outer bag right way out. Sew the two lining pieces together at the side seams, press seam open. Sew the base edges together only to a length of 2cm in from each side edge, leaving an opening in the middle for turning out. Open out corners and sew the box corners edges together in the same way as the outer bag.

Step 5 - Place the lining over the outer bag, with right sides facing, pin the curved top edges. Sew together leaving the top short edges open. Trim wadding and clip curved seam.

Pull the lining the right way out. Machine or hand sew the opening in the base of the lining closed. Place the lining inside the outer bag and press top curved edges flat.

Step 6 - Press under 1.5cm on one of the top handles edges. Place the other raw edge of the handle inside the press handle edge by 1.5cm. Machine or hand sew handles together securely.

Top stitch around the curved edges of the handle.



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