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Brother Ornamental Card Project




  • 'Brother' ScanNCut machine
  • Outer dimensions (when finished): 5.94" x 11.18"
  • Paper - 13 kinds
  • Triangle and square welded first: 2.80" x 5.94"
  • Overlaid wavy square and square: 2.16" x 2.16"
  • Photo frame: 1.77" x 1.77"
  • Bands (flower - blue): 1.18" x 11.18"
  • Walls (green): 2.80" x 4.76"
  • Windows: 1.18" x 1.80"
  • Pompoms, tags, photo, glue, rhinestone
    Decorate as desired.

Brother Ornamental Card Project
Download Project Instructions Download Brother Ornamental Card Project


Step 1. Make the house-shaped base. Select built-in patterns for the triangle and rectangle and weld them together. Copy the produced shape 3 times, then lay out
and weld the 3 pieces.

Built-in Patterns: BA-A022 x 4
BA-A033 x 4
Function: Editing Functions (Welding)

Step 2. Cut 2 copies of the house-shaped base made in step 1 to make the front and back pieces. Fold the front and back pieces to give them creases.

Step 3. Choose the built-in patterns for the remaining pieces, and cut the pieces. Use the built-in fonts and welding to cut the letters.

Built-in Patterns: BA-A001 x 2, BA-A008
BA-A012 x 4, BA-A033 x 4
BA-A110 x 2, BA-A136 x 8
AR-C006 x 4, AR-C021 x 2
AR-E001 x 2, AR-I019
BO-A014, FO-A002 x 2
Function: Editing Functions (Welding)

Step 4. Use Background Scan to scan and cut the photo.

Built-in Pattern: BA-A001
Function: Background Scan

Step 5. Lay out all the cut pieces, then glue them together.

Step 6. Glue the front house-shaped piece to the back piece to complete the card. Turn it into a useful and stylish desktop item by adding photos or a stick-on note pad.

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