Twins Birthday Cakes & Cake Topper Project




Step 1 - Bake Cakes

  • Line the base and sides of cake tin with baking paper
  • Bake 2 x 8" cakes using Roberts Chocolate mud cake mix. Refer to instructions on the back of the pack
  • Allow to cool completely before continuing

Step 2 - Preparing your decorations

  • Roll out white fondant and lay it out on to some cardboard. Using the Gold Mist Spray, spray the rolled out fondant and allow to dry for 24hrs.
  • Once dried, use the 1M piping tip and cut out circles to be placed around cake
  • Once circles are cut out, mix some gold pearl dust with rose spirit or vodka and paint the dots to emphasize the Gold colour

Step 3 - Cake Assembly

  • Prepare the buttercream by giving it a good mix - add a little milk to it to smooth it out (needs to be like peanut butter consistency). Split into two containers
  • To achieve the lilac colour -use a toothpick and add some Violet and electric purple food gels and mix. Continue to add the food gel colours until you achieve the shade you desire.
  • Repeat this step for second buttercream batch by adding the mint green gradually until you achieve the shade you want
  • Next, cut both 8" cakes in half - giving you four cakes
  • Secure one 8" cake on a cake board with some Lilac buttercream in the middle
  • Then pipe the perimeter of the cake with lilac buttercream using Wilton tip #2A
  • With a spatula fill the inside of the cake with lilac buttercream until it is all covered
  • Secure second 8" cake on top and then coat the cake with more lilac buttercream, creating a crumb coat and refrigerate until it has hardened
  • Apply another layer of lilac buttercream around the cake and smooth with scraper, refrigerate until ready to use again
  • Repeat this step for the next cake but using the light green buttercream mix

Step 4 - Applying decorations

  • Using some water and small paintbrush, add some water to the back of the gold circles prepared earlier and place them equally around both cakes

Step 5 - Cake Topper

  • For the cake topper we made a project using paper, double sided tape, long tooth picks and the Cricut machine to cut out the YAY flag shape.



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