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3D Diamond Throw Project




  • 9 balls Pure Wool Entwine (4 mc, 3 cc, 3cc1)
  • 6 mm Crochet Hook
  • Scissors & needle for sewing, stitch markers


Granny = 15 cm X 10 cm

3D Diamond Throw Project
Download Project Instructions Download 3D Diamond Throw Project



sp= space, lp = loop, st = stitch, sk = skip, ch = chain, beg = beginning, slst = slipstitch, dc= double crochet, htr = half treble, tr = treble, dtr = double treble, rep = repeat, mc = main colour, cc = contrast colour, cc1 = 2nd contrast colour


Make 30 motifs of each colour (90 in total)

Make 4ch, join with slst into 1st ch to form a circle,

Round 1: 1ch, (1dc,1htr,1tr,1dtr,3ch,1dtr,1tr,1htr,) twice in the circle, slst into 1st dc,

Round 2: 5ch, 1tr in same dc, *1tr in next 3 sts, (3tr,4ch,3tr) in 3ch lp, 1tr in next 3 sts,** (1tr,2ch,1tr) in next dc, rep from * to ** once, slst into 3rd ch of beg ch.

Round 3: 3ch, *(1tr,3ch,1tr) in 2ch sp, 1tr in next 2 sts, 1ch, sk 1 st, 1tr in next 3 sts, 1ch, sk 1 st, (3tr,5ch,3tr) in 4ch lp, 1ch, sk 1 st, 1st in next 3 sts, 1ch, sk 1 st, ** 1tr in next 2 sts, rep from * to ** once, 1tr in next st, slst into 3rd ch of beg ch, finish off.

Once all motifs are finished, sew them together as per diagram below, holding each motif with right sided facing together and joining with a whip stitch through the outside loops only of each stitch.

Note: It is best to sew the rows in order working downwards. The two colour row is sewn in a zigzag pattern and the third colour is slipped into the spaces below that row, then the next zigzag row is added, and so on...

Once the throw is assembled and all the ends are sewn in use the mc to frame the whole throw with 2 rows of dc to finish it off. Join yarn in at any peak, working 3dc into each peak, 1dc along the sides of each diamond and decreasing over 3 sts in every valley. Finish off and sew in ends, The throw will need a light pressing to even out the edges.

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