Level: Easy


  • Gold spray paint
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire

    Step 1 - Start by cutting the individual leaves off the faux leaf stem. Use scissors to cut into the centre of each leaf to make it look like a feather. Repeat on multiple leaves.

    Step 2 - Use a hot glue gun to attach a piece of wire to the centre of each leaf so it can be curled into shape.

    Step 3 - Spray some of the feathers with gold spray paint and leave to dry before painting the other sides.

    Step 4 - Once all the feathers are dry, use a curler to carefully minipulate each feather into a swirl shape.

    Step 5 - Place the headband on your head form and start adding the feathers 1 by 1 to create 1 large swirl of feathers. Secure the feathers in place using hot glue or a needle and thread to the base of the head band. Continue doing this until the head piece is finished.



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