Folded Fabric Star Project

Level: Easy


  • Scandi Bundle (or any other bundles that you like)
  • 20cm matching narrow ribbon
  • 15cm Legacy Fuse-N-Shape
  • 2 buttons
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Long darners hand sewing needle
  • Matching strong thread

Optional - Rotary cutter, mat& quilters rulers.


Step 1 - Cut a 10cm (4") diameter circle from fuse-n-shape. Cut a small hole from the centre.

Step 2 - Press the five fabrics and cut 3 x 11.5cm (4 1/2") squares from each then an extra square from fabric of choice for a total of 16 x 11.5cm (4 1/2") squares.

Step 3 - To press the squares - with square wrong side up (A), fold in half on the diagonal and press (B), fold triangle corner to corner on the folded edge and press (C). Repeat for all 16 squares.

Step 4 - To attach triangles to the circle, thread the needle, double thread and knot the ends together. Place first triangle on circle as in Diagram 1, take threaded needle through the point of the triangle and through centre hole. Fold triangle over the edge of the circle and sew through the point on the other side, Diagram 2.

Step 5 - Place next triangle overlapping the first in the centre Diagram 3, bring needle back to the front through the point of the second triangle. Fold triangle over the edge of the circle and sew through the point on the other side.

Step 6 - Repeat Step 5 to attach all triangles. To attach the last triangle slide first triangle over so last one can be tucked under. This can be a bit fiddly so just take your time.

Step 7 - Take the length of ribbon and fold in half. Sew the folded edge to the back of the pinwheel just above the centre adding a few stitches into the fabric along the edge of the ribbon. Knot ends together to required length, trim of ends if necessary.

Step 8 - Sew button to centre at front and back of decoration.



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