9 weird holidays to pop on your calendar

by James Shackell

9 weird holidays to pop on your calendar

We all know how to celebrate the big stuff. Kid's birthday party? Bust out the chocolate crackles. Christmas time? Fire up the fairy lights and keep the cat out of the tree. But what about those smaller, quirkier holidays? It turns out the calendar is full of things to celebrate - if you look hard enough. All you need is a little party spirit, and perhaps a hot glue gun.

International Day of the Nacho: October 21

This important day, dedicated to Tex-Mex treats, honours Ignacio 'El Nacho' Anaya, the first man (apparently) to combine fried tortilla chips with cheese and jalapenos way back in 1943. Celebrating the Day of the Nacho obviously calls for a tray of the gooiest, cheesiest nachos around, but why not branch out and embrace the whole Mexican fiesta theme? We can hear the mariachi band already!

Day of Unplugging: first Friday in March

Otherwise known as Put Down Your Phone Day, the Day of Unplugging was created by a Jewish organisation called Reboot in 2003. The challenge is pretty simple, at least in theory: don't engage with any electronic devices for 24 hours. You could start a project, finish a puzzle, knit something, or go outside and look at a tree. It's a day for some good, old-fashioned, DIY entertainment.

Jellyfish Day: November 3

Jellyfish have been bobbing through the ocean for zillions of years. It's nice they get their own day. Nobody quite knows how International Jellyfish Day got started (a group of enthusiastic marine biologists is probably involved) but that doesn't matter. You can celebrate the humble jellyfish in your own way. Make jellyfish hats, throw an Under the Sea party, or just eat some jelly.

Thank God It's Monday Day: first Monday in June

The average person will face around 2000 working Mondays in their life, which is enough to make anyone crawl back under the covers. But Thank God It's Monday Day (or TGIM, as it's known) attempts to cure Monday-itis. Instead of mourning the weekend, try celebrating the start of the week. Maybe bake muffins for the office, decorate a colleague's desk or teach someone a new skill.

World Compliment Day: March 1

"You're so good-looking!" That right there is the gist of World Compliment Day, a time for distributing compliments (and hopefully receiving a few of your own). The man responsible is Dutchman Hans Poortvliet, who set out to create "the most positive day in the world". Hans runs the holiday's official website and encourages everybody to celebrate by complimenting at least three people.

No Bra Day: October 13

No Bra Day sounds like a bit of fun (and for some people that's all it is), but this is a date with a serious message, too. Every October 13, women go strap-free to raise awareness about breast health and gender equality. Around 400,000 bra wearers take part every year, and how you celebrate is totally up to you: start a fundraiser, book a mammogram, or simply leave your bra at home.

World Wide Knit in Public Day: second Saturday in June

This international event, also known as KIP, was started by passionate knitter Danielle Landes in 2005. The slogan is "better living through stitching together", so gather your friends, grab some needles and get cracking. You can even yarn bomb your neighbourhood if you're into the whole guerrilla knitting scene! Just remember to be respectful and clean up after yourself.

World Introvert Day: January 2

About 56 per cent of people identify as introverts, which basically means we like a bit of time to ourselves now and then. Nothing wrong with that. In 2011, psychologist and author Felicitas Heyne came up with the idea for World Introvert Day: when quiet and thoughtful people everywhere could embrace their inner introvert. How to celebrate? Stay at home and pop the kettle on. Do some crafting. Go for a walk by yourself. It's a day for self-care (and probably a nap).




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