Discover Valentines Day DIY Projects To Try This Year (Even If You're Not In A Relationship)

Discover Valentines Day DIY Projects To Try This Year (Even If You're Not In A Relationship)

The rom-coms are right. Love really is all around - not just in romantic partners, but in best mates, little kids, family members, and in yourself too. So this February 14th, why not show some love for all your nearest and dearest? We're sure they could use some Valentine's Day chocolates too! (Plus hugs, kisses and high-fives.)

We've got big-hearted ideas for all your loved ones. Whether it's Galentine's Day with your best friends, some self-love pampering for solo folk, or meaningful date night ideas with your significant other, it's worth celebrating everyone who gives you warm and fuzzy feelings. Time for a love fest - check out our Valentine's Day DIY gift and activity ideas below!

Celebrate Galentine's or Malentine's Day With Your Friends

There's a big bit of our hearts dedicated to friends, so why not gather up your favourite people and let them know how much you love them? Throw a high tea (boozy or otherwise) and deck your house out with hearts aplenty to set the scene.

For some tasty treats, start the high tea by baking these delicious Valentine's Day Cupcakes as a group - they'll be soon ready for you to all eat together! Or make these cute Gingerbread Cookies with personalised messages on each. If your besties love to craft, finish the party with everyone making their own unique Valentine's Day Gift Bag to take home any extra treats and trinkets you've created.

If high tea isn't your thing, why not plan a grown-up slumber party with junk food, face masks, and some of your favourite movies? Guys can also get in on the fun too - pull out your favourite multiplier game, grab some tasty snacks and settle in for a night of good-natured competition with your mates.

Or what about a Valentine's Day crafting party for your besties? Think simple DIY activities that can be done between chats and sips of wine, like this adorable Heartfelt Embroidery Hoop project or this fun papercraft Gerbera Flowers project. And don't forget to set the scene with this gorgeous, glittery Valentine's Day Bunting!

Show Some Love For The Whole Family

Telling family members young and old how much you love them should be done as often as possible. But since we have a whole day dedicated to love, why not get the clan involved for some big-hearted fun? Get creative with DIY Valentine's Day cards, and spend time writing down what you love about each other. Little ones will have fun creating special 'I Love You' drawings for older family members. (Who will definitely treasure their hand-drawn hearts!) Or make some delicious Coconut Ice treats for family members to take home at the end of the day.

Make it a Galentine’s Day with mates

Think of fun activities that get everyone involved, like baking a special heart-themed Candy Melt Cake to share. Or make it easy with your regular go-to cake recipe baked in a fun heart pan, then get everyone involved with icing, lollies and sprinkles for decoration.

Mini Valentine's Day For Kids

Little ones have big feelings, so encourage them to express their love for their favourite people this Valentine's Day. Crafty kids will enjoy making friendship tokens for their besties like these colourful Sculpey Friendship Rocks. Or if they're having a Valentine's play date, why not try making something fun together? This Valentine Tie Dye T-shirt project lets kids make their own couture fashions (with a little supervision, of course), and these Happy Friendship Bracelets can be exchanged between buddies after they're made.

For something simple and meaningful, ask your little ones to write down what they love about the people around them - family, friends, teachers - and what they love about themselves, too. Taking time to appreciate those closest to us is a great habit to get into.

Show some love for the whole family

Pamper Yourself For A Solo Valentine's

Need some Me Time on Valentine's Day? Be your own date and indulge in some self-care to make your heart beat faster. What activity do you love best? Maybe you're a crafty type who'd love nothing better than making time for this pretty Heart Quilt project. Or perhaps running a bath, lighting a scented candle and getting stuck into a good book is more your thing?

Or plan a fun solo date! Take yourself out for a mini shopping spree (we know a place with lots of fun bargains), set up a solo picnic in the park, or go to the movies and eat all the popcorn without having to share. Treat yourself - you're worth it.

DIY Romance For Couples

Show your significant other some love this Valentine's Day with pretty handmade chocs in their favourite flavours, or get your Valentine's Day baking on with this stunning Gingerbread Heart Cake. You could even put together a cute DIY Valentine's Day Hamper with chocolates, flowers and wine. Throw in a picnic blanket and a couple of stemmed glasses, and you've got a memorable date.

Meaningful gifts are always a good idea. Your partner will treasure hand-written love notes inside these adorable crochet envelopes. Or why not go big with a romantic gallery wall? Collect photos of the two of you together, plus any mementoes you have of your relationship, pop them into photo frames and hang them up artistically. That way you get to celebrate love every day of the year!

Love Valentine's Day With Spotlight

So no matter your relationship status, everyone can feel the love when celebrating Valentine's Day with Spotlight! Browse our full range of Valentine's Day decorations, baking and craft supplies online and find what you need to make this year's Valentine's Day a special one.

Don't forget to check out the Valentine's Day project page for heaps of Valentine's Day DIY ideas you can try your hand at.




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