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Create a mess-free kitchen with Spotlight’s range of kitchen cleaning products, including kitchen bin and draining mat. Shop kitchen cleaning supplies online.

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Spotlight's Kitchen Cleaning Supplies Make Kitchen Cleaning Easy!

A spotless kitchen is something to be proud of, as well as being totally attainable (and maintainable) with the right kitchen cleaning products. Achieve a mess-free kitchen with Spotlight's range of kitchen cleaning essentials today!

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

  • Do little cleans often - taking any opportunity for a spot clean, like when waiting for the kettle to boil, will mean that the little things won't build up to being a giant problem.
  • Get rid of any clutter - be ruthless! Keep your kitchen clutter-free and keep hold of your sanity.
  • Use the dishwasher sensibly - unload your dishwasher before mealtime so you can load it with dirty plates immediately after dinner.
  • Raid the fridge daily - if there are any spillages in the fridge, wipe them up before they form a crust, and look for any food items that are past their used-by date.
  • Wipe out after meals - whenever you've finished your food preparation, wipe around the sinks and taps with hot, soapy water or anti-bacterial sprays. Don't let oven grime get out of control either.
  • Rid yourself of rubbish - make sure you have rubbish and recycling bins within easy reach, and train your family how to use them correctly.

Look for well-known brands like Lock, Stock & Barrel to ensure you are getting quality kitchen cleaning supplies every time.

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies FAQs

Where to store cleaning supplies in the kitchen

One of the most popular places to store kitchen cleaning products is under the kitchen sink. While it's not a large space, you will have enough room for rolls of paper and synthetic towels, sponges, brushes and several spray bottles. You can also store the supplies in your pantry - save space for food by attaching racks to the inside of your pantry doors to use as storage for your kitchen cleaning products.

Should I have an indoor kitchen scrap bin?

If you are interested in making your own compost, consider a small kitchen bin for your fruit and vegetable scraps. These kitchen bins are often placed on the windowsill or next to the sink, and can be filled with fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grains and more.

If you have one of these bins it is very important to keep it firmly closed and throw it out often, as leaving it exposed will invite fruit flies and other small midges to make their home inside!

How can I keep my kitchen bin clean?

The best way to keep your kitchen bin clean is to always use a bin bag or bin liner. This keeps ant foods from staining your bin, makes emptying it much easier and can even help contain the smell! You should also never place liquids into your bin of any type, as these can seep out, smell and even cause mould. This includes the oils and residues from cans, saucy foods and expired drinks.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find everything you need to fill your kitchen here, including:

  • Kitchen storage - keep your kitchen and pantry neat and tidy with our numerous kitchen storage options including tins, racks, containers and trays.
  • Kitchen linen - find tea towels, oven mitts and aprons here in all sorts of lovely colours and designs!
  • Food preparation - you can grab everything you need to prepare delicious meals here, including cutting boards, tongs, knives and other handy tools.

Discover more in our huge kitchen and dining hub online!

Find The Right Kitchen Cleaning Products At Spotlight

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