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Don't worry about messes and stains with convenient machine-washable rugs from Spotlight. Perfect for homes with pets or children, shop washable rugs online today.

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Worried about pets or children staining your rug? Worry no more with Spotlight's selection of machine washable rugs, a stunning collection of flooring options that will elevate your home styling while remaining easy to clean. With an array of soft fabrics and stunning patterns, these rugs are both functional and stylish, elevating your home styling while offering a convenient to clean decorative piece. Read more about the fantastic range of indoor rugs that can be washed today.

Machine Washable Rugs FAQs

How do I wash my rug in the washing machine?

Most machine-washable rugs are easy to wash in your washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius or lower. Make sure to follow the individual washing instructions as directions may differ.

How can I spot-clean my rug?

For quick fixes for small stains, it's important to clean a stain before it sets to avoid permanent damage. Using stain remover, it's easy to breathe new life into your rug. Simply test the stain remover on a test patch on the rug and follow the instructions to ensure your stain remover won't damage your rug.

How can I dry my rug after washing?

Tumble-drying rugs may cause them to misshapen or shrink. Instead, hang dry your rug immediately after washing in a semi-covered shaded area. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight as this may affect the design of the rug. Make sure to shake and fluff rug fibres after drying to revive the texture.

Discover Machine Washable Rugs For Every Home At Spotlight

Machine washable rugs are absolutely worth the purchase for busy homes with loveable pets or playful children as they remove the worry of stained decorative flooring in your space. To find the best rug for your space, read through our rugs and mats buying guide and don't forget to check out our Decorate Blog for more inspiring home decor ideas to enhance your home aesthetic. Shop in-store or online, pay your way and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. Find more rugs and flooring essentials including hall runners, door stops, door mats and rug grippers and rug accessories at Spotlight. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly staff can help you find the right bedding and decor pieces for your needs.



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