5 Steps To Throwing A Magical Masquerade Party

5 Steps To Throwing A Magical Masquerade Party

When it comes to party themes, there is none grander than the masquerade party. Emphasizing brilliant costumes, beautiful music and enchanting dancing, a masquerade or masked party can be enjoyed by partygoers of all ages. It is also a very flexible theme, with many different variations in colour and style available for you to choose from!

At Spotlight we have amazing masquerade masks and decorations to suit your style, but if you're planning on hosting a masquerade party, then this blog will outline everything you need to know. From food and drink to costumes and decor, let us do the hard thinking for you, so you can enjoy your event!

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What Is A Masquerade?

A masquerade party is inspired by the fabulous Carnival events in Venice, Italy, as well as Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Known for their vibrant masks in intriguing expressions, shapes and designs, these events were colourful, joyful and all about having fun - which is why they translate so well to a party theme we can all enjoy!

Your own masquerade themed party can be as close or far from the traditional events as you'd like. Whether you go for a traditional white, full-face mask or a stylish, black lace eye mask, you know you'll be drawing on centuries of enchanting masked parties when you are inspired to host your own.

Here are the five steps you need to follow in order to throw your own masquerade party at home!

1. Create Your Masquerade Party Invitations

The first thing you need to do is send out invitations to your guests - and in the age of email and e-vites, it's very tempting to just create a digital invite. If you are short on time and resources, this is a great option for invites that are quick to make, fast to send out and easy to keep track of.

But if you want to match the luxe theme of a masquerade party, then try making physical invitations instead! Not only will it immediately show your guests that your event is going to be extra special, but many will appreciate having a physical invitation to enjoy leading up to the party.

There are a few ways you can go about making your masquerade party invitations. If you love using your hands to work, then grab some card-making supplies from our papercraft collection and put them together yourself.

You can also make use of a paper-cutting machine to do most of the work for you - simply input the design, insert the right materials and it will do all the work at once, quickly and efficiently.

The colours and designs on your invitations should reflect the theme of your masquerade party. Popular masquerade party decoration ideas include gold and black decor for a Gatsby-themed event or gold, green and purple for a Mardi Gras masked party.

For heaps of invitation inspiration, browse our card-making projects online, like this DIY Invitations project that will create beautiful invitations in their own special envelopes.

2. Make Your Masked Party Costume

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is what to wear to a masquerade party, as these events hinge upon beautiful costumes and enthralling masks.

Your mask

The key to a masquerade themed party is ensuring everyone has a mask to wear. You can find a great range of beautiful, mysterious and even scary masks at Spotlight, with ornately detailed ones specifically found in our masquerade party masks section.

If you want to wear a unique mask, you can also try making your own! We have several projects that can help with this - adults can make their own beautiful masks with our Masquerade Party Masks project, while children attending a kid's masked party will enjoy making their own felt masks.

If you don't want to mandate that everyone needs to bring their own masks, one of the best masquerade party ideas is to provide masks for your guests to use. These are especially handy if you plan on having a photo booth or photo wall set up!

Masquerade Costumes & Masks

Your costume

In traditional masquerade balls, men and women wore their absolute best - this meant full-length ball gowns for the women, and dress suits for the men, with plenty of colour and embellishments seen on both.

If you are throwing a masquerade themed party in your home, you may not have room for everyone to be in their finest poofy ballgowns! But you can also go cocktail-style for dresses, for an equally elegant but perhaps not so formal theme.

It is important to make sure your mask and costume match, or at least complement each other. So match a glittery mask with a sparkling dress, or a feather mask with a feather accessory in a jacket. If you can't find a matching costume to your mask, you can also use costume accessories like bracelets, necklaces and brooches to help build that connection.

3. Find The Right Decorations For A Masquerade Party

The right decorations for a masquerade party can create the perfect decor theme to build that enchanting atmosphere that will create magical, memorable memories for your guests.

Masquerade party lighting

One of the keys to creating that magical feel at a masquerade themed party is dreamy, twinkling lighting. If you have a chandelier, antique lanterns or any other medieval-style lighting, this is the time to use it - these grand pieces will solidify a regal theme in your space. You can also use decorative string lights to create a soft, ethereal atmosphere across the ceiling and even around furniture and wall art. Set them to gently twinkle or keep them on at a soft dimness and enjoy their firefly-style magic in your space!

Masquerade party hanging decor

Create a sense of grandeur with the right decor hanging from your ceiling. A wonderful way to create a ballroom-style look is to hang silks from the edges of your space into the middle, especially if you have a chandelier hanging in the centre. Looks for colours like deep purple and blue silks for a real sense of drama!

If your masquerade party theme is Gatsby or Mari Gras themed, hanging paper lanterns are also a good choice for a pop of colour and interesting texture in your home. You can hang them evenly across your space or style them in bunches for two different looks.

Masquerade party wall decor

You can also use wall decor to create an elegant look around your masquerade party area. Similar to your ceiling, hanging silks or other fabrics down your walls can create the illusion of a formal ballroom. Wall sconces (even fake ones!) can also add some royal formality to the space.

Artwork in thick, detailed frames can also serve to help create an elegant atmosphere in the room, or you can even hang proper Venetian masks from the walls. This is a great way to use masks that look amazing but may be too large or uncomfortable to wear.

Masquerade party table decor

Whether you are hosting a sit-down dinner or just want to have snack tables available, a little table decor can go a long way.

The right tablecloth is a good place to start - ensure it hangs partially down towards the floor for an elegant look, and avoid patterns that may look out of place like polka dots or gingham.

Elegant candles, especially if you have them in a candelabra, can be placed down the centre of a dining table or on side tables to help create a warm, flickering glow around your home (but make they are kept away from any flammable materials!).

Confetti or sequins work well as table scatters, as well as fresh, aromatic flower petals.

Look for plates and bowls featuring colours like luxurious gold, matte black or any other colours that match your masquerade party theme.

4. Choose Music That Suits A Masquerade Party Theme

The music you choose for your masquerade party will depend on whether your event is a 'ball' or just a party. If you are hosting a masquerade ball with formal dancing in pairs then you will need 'ballroom dancing' music, which is often classical music featuring string instruments.

For a less formal masquerade party, more modern dance music is a great choice, especially if you can find modern takes on classic music that will bring a good balance to the event.

5. Decide On Your Masquerade Ball Food

When you are picking your masquerade ball food, the main thing to consider is the ease of use, as eating with a mask on isn't always easy.

Large foods that require your guests to remove their masks to eat should be avoided, so look for small, bite-size treats that also fit the elegant theme of your event. Think tea sandwiches, macarons, chocolate-covered fruits and fruits and veg on skewers. Serve them on elegant serving platters and trays

You can also just have large glass bowls of small lollies for easy snacking between dances!

Masquerade Ball Food

Discover Masquerade Party Ideas At Spotlight

Ready to host a stunning masquerade themed party at home with Spotlight? You can find all the party supplies you need online, where you can pay your way and have your order home delivered. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the party range in person.

Make sure you are choosing the right party decorations with our party decorations buying guide. And if you want to bake your own desserts for the event, find some great ideas and inspiration on our cakes and confectionary projects page!




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