Five Sewing Projects For Beginners To Improve Your Sewing Skills

Five Sewing Projects For Beginners To Improve Your Sewing Skills

Are you new to sewing and need to better your basic sewing skills? Being able to sew straight, attach zippers and create darts are just some of the basic skills that will turn your rough projects into wearable pieces, and once you've got the basics down, you can upgrade and upcycle any of your old clothing into new, unique garments that you'll love to wear.

If you're ready to dive into the wonderful world of sewing and slow fashion, we've collected a few simple sewing projects you can use to hone your sewing skills and practice some of the most important sewing techniques. Once you are confident, think about how you can use the skills in further projects to make your sewing as close to zero-waste as possible!

Fleece Beanie

Fleece Beanie - master sewing darts

Mastering sewing darts allows you to add shape to your garments, and you can practice them with this fleece beanie project. Making your own toasty fleece beanie will ensure you'll always be warm in winter, plus they make wonderful gifts for friends and family!

Check out the video below on dart sewing:

Flannelette & Minky Blankets

Flannelette and Minky Blankets - master sewing straight lines

Sewing straight is important for creating professional-looking garments, and this cosy blankets project will help you create an adorable blanket made of flannelette and soft minky fabric that's perfect for young children to cuddle up with.

Check out the video below on sewing straight:

Cord Keepers

Cord keepers - master interfacing

Interfacing is very important when making things that need rigidity and shape - practice applying interfacing with this handy cord keepers project! Interfacing can either be sewn on (where you attach the interface as you work via needle and thread) or iron-on, where you fuse the interface and your fabric together using an iron, which melts tiny beads of glue in the interface. Cord keepers are essential in modern homes, as they help keep our many cords and wires separate, neat and easy to find.

Pencil Case

Pencil case - master attaching zippers

Zippers just make life easier - imagine having to button up your bag, or tie up your suitcase! This pencil case project will show how to attach zippers effectively using the zipper foot on a sewing machine.

Sewing machine organiser - master attaching bias tape

If you love to sew, this sewing machine organise is a wonderful way to ensure everything you need to sew is on hand as you work. Bias tape often encloses the edge of a fabric creation, creating a neat and striking border that is perfect for both craft and fashion projects.

For heaps more sewing ideas, browse our sewing projects online!

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