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Add comfort, style & texture to your home with soft shaggy rugs from Spotlight. Browse the range of on-trend fluffy rugs in many sizes & colours today!

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What are shaggy rugs?

Shaggy rugs or shag rugs are characterized by their incredibly thick and plush texture. These types of rugs have been used since ancient times. Their popularity peaked in the 60s and 70s, but shag rugs are still a common sight in many households today. To give it their distinctive look and feel shaggy rugs use longer yarn than other types of rugs. This gives the rugs a higher and looser pile that looks extremely inviting to lounge around in.

Where can I buy shaggy rugs online?

Spotlight offers a huge selection of shaggy rugs in a wide variety of colours, shades and print designs. We have long shag rugs that really stand out, as well as subtler short shag and mini shag rugs that still feel extremely plush and luxurious. We offer shaggy rugs made out of polyester to help keep costs down. Most of our shaggy rugs come in standard area rug sizes of 160 x 230 cm, which are large enough to fill up any room or space.

What benefits do shaggy rugs offer?

Shaggy rugs can make any space look inviting and make it the perfect place to hang out in with its extremely plush and soft texture. Shaggy rugs will encourage you and your guests to take your shoes off so that your feet can sink into its warm embrace, and even compel others to lay down on it for a more relaxing experience. Because of their relative thickness, shaggy rugs are also very good insulators. They not only provide a warmer surface hang out in, but are also very good at dampening noise and vibration. Shaggy rugs are also very good at trapping any dirt and debris that comes its way. On the other hand, because of its relatively longer pile and texture they can also be very difficult to clean out completely.

How do I clean shaggy rugs?

Since shaggy rugs have a tendency to trap dirt and debris, you have to thoroughly vacuum it on a regular basis to get rid of the deeply buried dirt. Otherwise, it will look much dirtier as time passes by and any excess dirt will cause your allergies to flare up. It's also important to immediately clean up any spills or stains that befalls your shaggy rug so it doesn't have time to set in, which will make it more difficult to remove completely.

What other types of rugs can I find at Spotlight?

If you're looking for non-synthetic alternatives to our selection of shaggy rugs, we also have similarly plush rugs made out of different animal hides such as sheepskin and cow hides. Every animal hide rug has different colours and markings that are unique to the animal it comes from.

We also have jute rugs that are made using highly sustainable plant fibres that are very easy to grow. Once you're done using them after several years, jute rugs are easily biodegradable. These rugs typically feature neutral earth tones that are very easy to match with different interiors. If you don't really need your rugs to be thick and plush, we have more traditional wool rugs that are still very soft and also very durable. Our selection of wool rugs feature many different designs that range from simple patterns to modern and abstract pieces.

We also have a huge selection of polypropylene rugs that feature a huge variety of designs ranging from traditional Persian styles to bright multi-coloured prints. Since polypropylene rugs are made out of synthetic materials, they are extremely affordable compared to other types of rugs, which also makes them one of the most popular rugs in the market today. With its lower prices and wide variety of designs, you can easily switch to a new rug whenever you grow tired of your existing rug and transform the look and feel of a space.



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