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Cotton rugs are a popular choice for all different rooms and home decor styles. With various designs to choose from and the countless benefits associated with these rugs, it is not difficult to see why these rugs have made the top of everyone's wishlist. Cotton rugs are a breezy and lightweight choice to brighten up any room from the bedroom to the living room and kids room. You'll love the versatility and style of cotton rugs for your home from Spotlight!

Benefits of Cotton Rugs

There are many benefits of cotton rugs including:

  • Beautiful and natural look: Cotton is a natural material, and using a cotton rug exudes that natural appeal in your home. Perfect for many decor styles such as boho, modern and minimalistic.
  • Softness: A natural material such as cotton is known to be quite soft, this is also the reason why the material is often used in garments. Of course, that natural softness also provides benefits for rugs. And, while you can find cotton rugs with soft and long fabric fibres, they both feel super comfortable.
  • Many designs: Cotton is also a material that can be dyed quite easily, as a result, you can find cotton rugs with the most intricate designs and colours.
  • Durable: When a cotton rug is maintained properly, it could last a long time. Even in areas with large amounts of foot traffic, cotton can stand the test of time without much trouble.
  • Easy maintenance: Unlike some other materials, cotton does not require any special or expensive maintenance.

Cotton Rugs FAQ

How to spot clean cotton rugs?

When you spot a stain, blot the stain with some paper towel or soft cloth until no more liquid is transferred to the paper. Once this is done, check if any traces of the stain remain on the carpet. If you can still see a stain, use one-part water and one-part vinegar to blot the remainder of the stain out. We recommend adding this solution on a microfibre cloth.

How to remove bad stains from cotton rugs?

For more persistent stains that contain oil or grease, you may need a special cleaning solution. However, for cotton rugs, we always recommend getting the rug degreased and cleaned professionally. Doing so will not only remove the stain but give the rest of the carpet its bi-annual clean too.

What should I keep in mind when choosing cotton rugs?

When looking for cotton rugs, there are several things to consider including size, shape, colour, design and budget. Ensure you have the right rug size for your space and choose a colour and style that complements your home interior design.

Do I need a rug underlay or rug gripper?

Yes, we recommend using rug grippers or a non-slip rug underlay to prevent your cotton rug from sliding around. Underlays also help protect your rug from friction from the floor. Shop rug accessories available at Spotlight here.

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Spotlight has a great range of rugs for any home and budget, if you need more help deciding what rug is best for you, read the Rugs and Mats Buying Guide all about placing rugs and mats in different areas across the home. Browse through our range of cotton rugs online, as well as the full collection of other rugs, door mats, hall runners and more to refresh your home. Cotton is a winning choice for rugs, if you are looking for different materials, check out wool rugs, jute rugs, polyester rugs and even convenient machine-washable rugs all available at Spotlight. Head into a Spotlight store to see what's available and feel the range in person. Be sure to check the entire range and join the VIP club for amazing offers! For more home styling tips and inspiration, head over to the Ideas blog and discover great articles such as How to Layer Rugs and How to Refresh Your Living Space.



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