How to throw the ultimate 70s theme party

How to throw the ultimate 70s theme party

Looking for a party theme that will have your guests jumping, jiving and having an all-around good time? Look no further than a 70s themed party for all your groovy party needs! This iconic decade was the time of disco outfits, glam rock and rock n' roll, so there are plenty of different fashion themes and music you can choose from. Need help hosting your own 70s party or just need help choosing the right 70s dress up for yourself? This article will go through everything you need to bring the fashion and taste of the 70s into your celebration with style!

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Why Throw A 70s Costume Party?

The 1970s were a decade of change across many countries, and there were definitely many things to celebrate! Walt Disney World opened in 1971, the first email and mobile phone calls were dialled and the Atari gaming console made waves in many households.

But fashion is what the 70s is truly known for. Celebrities like Farrah Fawcett, David Bowie and John Travolta were idolised for their hair and clothing, and their looks are ones that are great fun to mimic for parties. Classic party clothes like platform shoes, tie-dye shirts and glittery one-piece suits also have their roots in the 70s, so you can always find something to wear for a 70s dress up party if needed!

Many foods we love today also got their start in the 70s. Did you know both KFC and McDonald's became family staples in the early 70s? If you're a takeaway lover, this can make catering for your 70s party easy.

Popular 70s Outfits And 70s Costume Ideas

When people think of 70s outfits and fashion, the first idea many have is 70s disco fashion. If you are wondering what to wear to a 70s disco party, then obviously a disco costume is many people's first choice! Disco outfits usually involve flared pants, big hair and sequins, and good disco costumes instantly scream '70s!', meaning your chosen decade will come across clearly. Spotlight has plenty of disco dress up clothing for you to choose from, including full outfits, wigs and accessories. But there is more to the 1970s than just 70s disco fashion. If you want to create your 70s dress up costume from the ground up, here are some solid ideas for each part of your outfit.

70s costume tops

For both men and women in the 70s, colour was king! Bright (and we're talking neon) colours and crazy patterns were a staple for a top in the 70s, whether it was a singlet, shirt or full jacket. Billowing sleeves either from the shoulder or elbow were in style, although bare arms were also popular for women too. And don't forget a chunky necklace and some thick bracelets to complete your 70s costume top!

70s costume bottoms

Put away your skinny jeans - pants in the 70s were often loose-fitting, particularly around the bottom of the leg. In fact, flared and bell-bottom pants were iconic in this decade, particularly for 70s disco fashion! Pants in the 70s were often the same colour as the top to create a fully matching outfit, although you can choose a complementing colour as well.

70s costume dresses

Women's dresses were usually slim-fitting and cut off at the thigh, and were sometimes paired with a chunky belt. Like the tops, they usually had long sleeves that are tighter at the upper arm and loosely flared at the elbow, with a high or scooped neck style. Iconic 70s dresses are also usually paired with some colourful knee-high boots to create some truly gorgeous 70s outfits!

70s costume shoes

Knee-high boots were loved amongst women, but there were plenty of other cool and comfortable shoes seen in this decade. Chunky heels and platform shoes were popular for men and women in all settings, from everyday shopping to Saturday night parties. They were often in more muted colours than the clothing themselves, although there were exceptions made again for our favourites, the knee-high boots!

70s costume hairstyles and wigs

There was a great range of unisex hairstyles that became popular in the 1970s, including the afro, mohicans and the shag. Other popular hairstyles included the Farrah Flick (named after Farrah Fawcet's angelic hairstyle in Charlie's Angels), the angular, layered wedge, flicked-back fringes and the pageboy.

These hairstyles aren't too difficult to create at home with a blow dryer and hair straightener or curler, but if you'd rather not manipulate your own hair in this way then there are plenty of stylish wigs you can use instead!

70s costume makeup

Makeup was seen in extremes in the 1970s, with natural looks and over-the-top ones both featured heavily in certain cliques. Punk and glam-rock makeup often featured a pale face with strong brows, cheekbones and eyes, worn by men and women in the scene.

Many women enjoyed a more natural look, with a warm tan, sheer foundation and minimal mascara. However, eyeshadow and eyeliner were the opposite - whites, blues, greens and purples were very popular colours, and they often reached right up to the eyebrows, which were plucked thin. Sparkly eyeshadow is particularly popular in 70s disco outfits, as it helped make the wearer shine just like the disco balls of the decade!

70s costume props

Accessorise your 70s costume with the right pieces, like chunky jewellery, big sunglasses, bandannas, belts and headbands. A peace-symbol necklace, disco ball earrings or pink, heart-shaped glasses are all iconic 70s accessories and work great with a party costume!

Hosting A 70s Themed Party

70s party decorations

Quality decorations will set the tone of your party and can make or break your 70s party theme. Whether they're on the ceiling, walls or the snack table, make your 70s theme decorations count with these fun ideas!

70s theme party lighting

A must-have for any 70s party is a mirrored disco ball… maybe even more than one! Disco balls reflect light amazingly, so ensure any moveable lights you have, both coloured and white, are aimed at your disco ball. Having lots of floating balloons up near your disco ball can also help throw colour and light around your space.

70s theme party hanging decor

Curled streamers look fabulous when hung from the ceiling, and why not find some old records to hang up as well? You can also hang colourful paper lanterns and popular 70s symbols like peace signs from the roof made from reflective plastic to help spread colour and shine through your party.

70s theme party wall decor

Did you know that the popular knotting art macramé was at the height of popularity in the 70s? Macramé wall hangings will look great hung up at a party and are fun to make out of twine and cord - there are plenty of beginner and advanced macramé projects you can create, so feel free to check out our projects page!

A sparkling, metallic curtain will work like a disco ball in catching light, plus they act as a great space for photos. Have one in a special photo space or line your room with them to really bring out the 70s disco party vibes!

70s party music

They knew how to boogie in the 70s, so don't worry - there's a plethora of fantastic party music for you to choose from to create the perfect playlist. There's a lot of dance music from the 70s to listen to - here are our top ten 70s party songs:

  1. Stayin' Alive (1977) - Bee Gees
  2. Dancing Queen (1976) - ABBA
  3. You're The One That I Want (1978) - Grease
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody (1975) - Queen
  5. Rasputin (1978) - Boney M.
  6. Crocodile Rock (1972) - Elton John
  7. Ballroom Blitz (1973) - The Sweet
  8. Khe Sanh (1978) - Cold Chisel
  9. YMCA (1978) - The Village People
  10. April Sun In Cuba (1977) - Dragon

And don't forget your best dance moves! The Point (made famous in the movie Saturday Night Fever), The Snap and The Bus Stop are all easy dance essentials you can pick up in no time. And for a classic song/dance combo everyone will know, you can always count on The Nutbush (1973).

70s Theme

70s themed food

There was some truly amazing food created in the 70s - and also some that's best left in the past. Luckily, most 70s party food is considered pretty delicious! The following 70s treats are sure to be a hit:

  • Cheese fondue - while many of us know fondue of the chocolate variety, cheese fondue is the original melting dish perfect for dipping in all sorts of things! Bread is traditional, but you can also use vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower, fruit like apple slices and melon, and even small pieces of cured meat.
  • KFC & Maccas - did you know both of these famous fast foods took off in the 70s? Make catering easy by ordering a feast of your favourite KFC or McDonalds foods - no cooking and minimal cleanup will make your hosting job a lot easier.
  • Chicken salt chips - everyone's favourite chip seasoning was actually developed in South Australia! The classic Mitani chicken salt was the first of its kind available for people to buy and use at home - sprinkle it on hot chips for an instant uplift in flavour.
  • Cuban Sandwich sticks - perfect for popping straight into your mouth, this bite-sized version of the Cuban Sandwich consists of a piece of cheese, a slice of kabana and a small gherkin skewered on a toothpick, which is then eaten all together (not the stick of course!)

Set the table with the right 70s theme party tableware - from specialised disco-themed tableware to plates and bowls featuring glitter patterns, you have heaps of options in order to style your table to your 1970s party theme.

Throw an amazing 70s themed party with Spotlight!

Ready to party? Let Spotlight help you with all your party needs - whether you're looking for supplies to host a party or just the perfect costume, we've got you covered. You can find everything you need online, where you can choose from home delivery or click and collect for your online purchase.

If you need a little more guidance on what to buy for a party, have a read of our party buying guides. And if you're in a crafty mood, why not try making some projects for your party? Our cake and confectionary projects have treats for every occasion, while our face painting and special effects projects are a great way to top off any punk, glam or disco costume.




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