Lunar New Year Decorations & Party Essentials

Lunar New Year Decorations & Party Essentials

If you love to celebrate the Lunar New Year, you can find a fantastic range of decorations, party supplies and themed craft activities right here at Spotlight. This Lunar New Year is the year of the rabbit, so hop into the new year with any of these amazing Lunar New Year ideas!

The Year Of The Rabbit

What is special about the year of the rabbit? Those born in the year of the rabbit are said to be kind, confident and strong, as well as lucky! The colours associated with the year of the rabbit are red, pink, purple and blue - a lovely selection of colours that complement each other well. We have heaps of different ways you can celebrate the Lunar New Year using these colours and the rabbit itself - check them out below!

What Lunar New Year Table Decorations Should I Use?

When sitting down to a meal with your family on the first day of the Lunar New Year, creating a themed table setting is a lovely way to make the meal all the more special! At Spotlight our huge range of party supplies means you can find a Lunar New Year-themed decoration for every aspect of your table, from the tablecloth to the cutlery!

  • Linen tablecloth - protect your table with a quality linen tablecloth and make cleaning up easy! Our linen tablecloths come in the classic red colour so often associated with the Lunar new year, but you can also theme it around the Year of the Rabbit with a tablecloth featuring cooler shades of blue and purple. If you would rather let your tableware do the talking, opt for a more neutral colour like white or black, so your other colours will pop!
  • Placemats and coasters - the use of placemats and coasters is a useful way to clearly showcase seating spaces, as well as add a little more colour to your tablescape. We have a great range for you to choose from, with woven, plastic, wire and linen placemats available to suit your style and cleanup strategy.
  • Party plates - you can find red, blue and purple disposable plates here, in a great variety of styles and designs! We have plenty of paper, plastic and eco-friendly options available for you to choose from. Don't forget to check out our party bowls for matching tableware.
  • Serviettes and napkins - great for cleanup but also as decoration, our disposable serviettes come in every colour of the rainbow, with popular patterns like zig-zags and stripes on many. Take your serviette game to the next level by making some rabbit napkin rings in your Year of the Rabbit colours!
  • Party cutlery - our specialty party cutlery comes in heavy weight (feels heavy like metal cutlery) and wooden eco-friendly options, as well as the classic light plastic kind, so everyone can use utensils they're comfortable with!
  • Party drinkware - our paper and plastic drinkware includes the classic party cup, as well as clear plastic cocktail and wine glasses.
  • Table decorations - adding a few extra decorations to your dining table can really help elevate the experience for you and your guests! Consider adding a table runner and even some flowers in your Year of the Rabbit colours to really impress your family on the first day of the Lunar New Year!
Lunar New Year Decorations & Party Essentials

What Lunar New Year Party Supplies Should I Use?

You can decorate more than just your table for the Lunar New Year - why not accessorise the rest of your house for the special occasion?

  • Garlands and buntings - these hanging banners come in all sorts of shapes and sizes perfect for the Lunar New Year. These include the fluffy red tassel garland and a red metallic curtain that is perfect for photos with family and friends.
  • Paper lanterns and latex balloons - our paper lanterns are a favourite during Lunar New Year, thanks to their bright colour and amazing textures. Hang them with any of our matte, pearl or shiny latex balloons and you'll have an impressive array of hanging decor for your event!
  • Confetti and table scatters - a scattering of confetti is the perfect way to turn a casual dinner into a festive party! We have paper and metallic confetti and table scatters available, in all your Year of the Rabbit colours!
What Lunar New Year Table Decorations Should I Use?

What DIY Lunar New Year Decorations Can I Make?

If you want to get hands-on for your Lunar New Year celebration, why not try making some themed art and craft projects? We have a bunch of fun DIY Lunar New Year Decorations and craft projects you can try your hand at themed around the Lunar New Year:


  • Lunar New Year Lantern Earrings - if you want your own wearable Lunar New Year accessories, why not try making these beautiful lantern earrings? They're a fun project for jewellery makers of all experiences, and if you really enjoy making them, they make great gifts as well!
  • Lunar New Year Paper Envelopes - revitalise the tradition of exchanging red envelopes during the Lunar New Year celebration by making your own beautiful red envelopes out of cardstock! Using a Cricut machine, this project will help you make beautiful envelopes with four different designs.
  • Lunar New Year Paper Lanterns - you can make your own hanging paper lanterns using a Cricut machine and a few papercraft supplies. Making your own allows you to choose your own colours and patterns for the lantern, allowing you to add your Year of the Rabbit colours if you like, as well as extra embellishments.
  • The element associated with the Year of the Rabbit is water - so why not combine these two elements and create a beautiful watercolour painting of a rabbit? You can learn everything you need to know about watercolour painting in our online guide.
What Lunar New Year Party Supplies Should I Use?

Celebrate The Lunar New Year With Spotlight!

No matter how you like to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Spotlight has the party decorations and craft supplies for you! You can find everything you need online or at your local Spotlight store.

For more help with decorating your dining table, read our party tableware buying guide here!




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