Six Spooktacular Halloween Crafts & Projects To Try Your Hand At This Spooky Season

Six Spooktacular Halloween Crafts & Projects To Try Your Hand At This Spooky Season

Whether it's costumes, tableware or crafty ideas, Spotlight has everything you need to throw the ultimate Halloween party. We love everything handmade, so why not try making some of your own Halloween d├ęcor this year? We have everything you need to make some incredible Halloween crafts - check out our favourite Halloween projects below!

Fun Halloween Crafts For All

Spotlight is the Home of Halloween, thanks to our expansive range of Halloween costumes, crafts and decorations. We have Halloween activities and crafts to suit makers of all types, whether you are a baker, quilter or sewer. Feeling crafty? Try your hand at any of the following Halloween activities, or use them as inspiration for your own Halloween craft ideas!

Halloween baking projects

There's nothing better than some home-baked treats, so why not try your hand at making your own yummy Halloween sweets? It's easy to create creepy-looking treats that taste fantastic to share with your friends and family! These recipes detail only how to make the impressive decorations on top, so you can make the base cake and cookies out of your favourite mix. Classics like vanilla or chocolate always go down well, or you can make it a little more interesting with red velvet, choc orange or even coffee flavours!

Add a sweet twist to your Halloween with decorated sugar cookies and tier cakes

Halloween cookies

Our Halloween cookies project is full of great tips and tricks to create a solid cookie, smooth fondant and perfect icing. They look great spread out on a platter for easy taking, or you can spread them across your Halloween table setting as edible decorations. These cookies can also be stored, bagged up and given as gifts or as party favours!

If you're not super confident in your icing skills, check out our icing tips and tricks blog for heaps of expert info on everything icing related.

Halloween fault line cake

This creepy cake can serve as an eye-catching centrepiece for your Halloween celebration, thanks to its bright colours and spooky design. The cake itself can be any kind you want - we recommend a red velvet or dark chocolate cake for added drama when the cake is cut open!

If your cake-decorating skills are a little rusty, read our guides on decorating cakes and cake-decorating tools - they contain heaps of great information on all the ways you can decorate a cake, as well as a few handy cake-decorating tips that will turn you into a cake decorating pro in no time!

Halloween crafting projects

Handmade Halloween crafts make for fantastic decorations, as you can let your imagination run wild to create some truly unique accessories - and making crafts, alone or in a group, is one of the best pre-Halloween activities you can do! Our Halloween craft ideas are super easy to follow, and if you'd like to put your own unique spin on each one, then go for it. Add extra craft accessories, change up the paint colours or swap out the materials to bring your one-of-a-kind Halloween craft ideas to life!

Halloween decofoam bats

These adorable decofoam bats are quick and easy to make for beginner crafters, and double as a Halloween decoration once finished. They're quite simple as they are, but they're so easy to customise - add white card fangs, spruce up the wings with a white pen or add a little red cape made of red and black fabric to turn them into vampire bats. They can be displayed indoors or outside as long as they are out of the elements, as their foam and paper bodies aren't water-resistant. Hang them from the ceiling or a railing and drive guests batty this Halloween!

Get the kids involved and create some hand-crafted Halloween decorations

Halloween treat bags and boxes

You can keep your Halloween loot safe and sound inside a homemade Halloween treat bag or box! This project has quite a few steps, but they're all quite straightforward - you'll be honing your origami and papercraft skills when making this project, as well as making precise measurements and cuts. Make sure to browse our papercraft section for all your cutting, folding and gluing supplies, as our Halloween craft supplies for a great range of Halloween-patterned paper.

These Halloween treat bags and boxes can also double as party favours for your guests - fill them with lollies, toys and other bag fillers to ensure your guests leave with a smile!

Put together Halloween treat bags & boxes to trick-or-treat

Halloween sewing projects

Keen sewers will have a blast creating these Halloween-themed sewing projects! There are Halloween activities here for beginner and more advanced sewists, and make sure to keep an eye on our sewing and fabric supplies for all the materials and accessories you'll need to complete these projects.

Halloween tabletop quilt

Create a stunning quilt perfect for use as a tablecloth, wall hanging or couch spread. Our detailed instructions will allow you to create clean shapes and perfect lines on your quilt - it's a great project for quilters with a bit of experience. As always, experienced quilters can change up the fabrics to suit their tastes - why not use lighter Halloween prints and a black or purple background fabric for a more dramatic quilt? Or free-sew some cobweb patterns onto the white background fabric for some extra-spooky detailing.

If you're a quilting newbie, make sure you read our buying guides on quilting fabrics, quilting tools and sewing machines to make sure you've got everything you need for quilt making.

Halloween bat cape

This simple bat cape is an excellent addition to any Halloween costume and is easy to make for most sewers. You can substitute fabrics to make a vampire's cape or a witch's mantle to suit your costuming needs. And pair it with some vampire face paint or some Halloween bat boxes to take the vampire costume to the next level!

If you're new to sewing and want to make sure you're prepared, read our buying guides on dressmaking fabrics, dressmaking tools and sewing needles - they have all the information you need for making your own clothing and costumes.

Get into the festive energy by dressing up in your best Halloween costume

Halloween Costumes

At Spotlight we have all the Halloween costumes you need for yourself and your family. We have adult, child and pet costumes that are scary, spooky and adorable, so you're bound to find something to suit your tastes. We also have a handy range of complementing costumes perfect for groups - whether you're a couple, a family a group of friends, you can find a fantastic range of matching Halloween costumes here! Make your own by taking advantage of our amazing costume sewing patterns, or check out our range of ready-to-wear Halloween costumes online or at your nearest Spotlight store.

Have a spooky Halloween with Spotlight!

No matter if you are be-heading out for trick or treating or settling in for a night of snacks and scary movies, Spotlight has everything you need to make your frightful night a success. For everything Halloween, including costumes, projects, snacks and more, check out our Halloween hub online. Or, step into your local store and our friendly team will help you find all the Halloween costumes and Halloween craft supplies you need.




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