5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Blockout Blinds & Curtains This Winter

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Blockout Blinds & Curtains This Winter

As temperatures swing from extremes and with electricity bills on the rise, many Australian families are looking for cost-effective solutions to control the heat in their homes. An easy and practical way to do this is to install blockout blinds across the windows in your house - also known as blackout blinds, these handy window furnishings have a whole range of benefits for your home and come in a variety of styles to suit your desired home decor.

Here are our five reasons to invest in blockout blinds this winter.

Darkness - indulge your body clock

Shift workers, frequent flyers and restless sleepers can all agree on one thing - sometimes you need darkness to have a good sleep, even during the day. But if complete darkness is what you need to snooze, regular curtains and blinds won't cut it… you need blackouts. Blockout blinds are designed to hang as close to the window as possible and are made of thick layers of acrylic material that keep the light from penetrating into your home.

If you've noticed that the sun comes in at just the wrong angle in the morning or if you have an unfortunately-placed streetlamp outside your house, then blockout curtains may be your ticket to a good night's sleep. Blockout blinds will also be your best friend when trying to get restless kids to bed - hack their circadian rhythm to help them get to sleep faster!

Thermal control - keep warm in winter (and cool in summer)

Australian weather loves to keep you on your toes, and installing a good pair of blockout blinds or curtains is key to keeping your home at optimal temperature. The thick material of blockout blinds will help insulate your home when closed, keeping the warmth in and preventing chilly drafts from entering your home.

Blockout curtains also work the same way in summer - when closed they will keep the sun from penetrating through, acting as a valuable cooling agent in your home and helping you beat the heat.

Energy-Saving - keep costs down

Energy-saving - keep costs down

Blockout curtains and blinds can also be cleverly used to help keep your power bills down, which will both save you money and is better for the environment. The obvious way is through heating and cooling as mentioned above, allowing you to keep the sun out and the cool in, or vice versa. But getting yourself a handy pair of double blackout roller blinds also gives you choices when it comes to lighting your home.

Blockout roller blinds come with two layers of material that can be operated independently, allowing you to let natural sunlight into your home while maintaining a sheer layer of material for privacy during the day. You can then shut the second blackout layer and enjoy total darkness when it suits you. Enjoy natural light in your home plus insulation from your blockout curtains, and watch your electricity bills shrink.

Noise reduction - enjoy the silent treatment

Total darkness for sleeping is one thing, but a windy night, an excited dog or a far-off car horn can all serve to disrupt your precious sleep. Lucky for you, blackout blinds are made of a thick, sturdy material that can help reduce noise from outside your home.

While they are not totally soundproof, muffling these noises at night will help you either get used to these noises or learn to ignore them entirely, putting you well on your way to a peaceful night's sleep.

Privacy - be comfortable in your own home

Privacy - be comfortable in your own home

No matter if you live on a secluded country property or in a compact apartment, privacy in our homes is something we can all appreciate. Blockout curtains create a fully opaque barrier between you and the outside world, providing privacy when and where you need it most. Combine blackout curtains on a double roller blind with sheer curtains for the ability to switch between fully opaque and beautifully sheer whenever you need.

Here are a few more handy hints concerning blackout blinds:

  • Thermal curtains are often combined with blackout curtain material and can help regulate the temperature of your home - but be cautious when looking for blackout curtains that you don't buy purely thermal ones instead. Also, blackout lining can be added to normal curtains, but won't be as effective as specially made blockout curtains themselves.
  • Blockout curtains and blinds are not the same as sunscreen curtains and blinds. Sunscreen blinds will block out most of the harmful UV rays from the sun but are semi-transparent, meaning they can be seen through unlike blackout blinds.
  • Blockout blinds and curtains made of fabric and canvas are not suited for humid parts of the house like the bathroom or kitchen, as bacteria and mould can grow on them in these damp conditions. Ensure these areas are very well ventilated if you really want them in there, or choose plastic or metal window furnishings instead.

Intrigued about owning your own blockout blinds? Check out our detailed range of amazing Spotlight blockout curtains and blinds online, or head to your closest store and let our friendly staff help you choose the perfect ones for your home.




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