Three quilting projects to get creative with this Quilt Expo

Three quilting projects to get creative with this Quilt Expo

Quilting expo is upon us, which means it's time to grab your rulers, rotary cutters and your sewing needles and start quilting! At Spotlight we have everything you need to start quilting, and we'd love to share with you some of our favourite quilting projects. We have projects suitable for beginner quilters and projects for intermediate and experienced quilters looking for a challenge. Check them out below!

Why we love quilting!

Quilting has some really nice physical and mental benefits for those who choose to partake. Did you know that quilting has the following benefits?

  • Quilting combines your brain's analytical and creative sides when choosing colours and shapes, producing similar benefits to when you are drawing and colouring mandalas.
  • The concentration required to quilt means your mind has to focus entirely on one thing, meaning other stresses and worries in your life will be pushed to the back of your mind. This will help you feel relaxed as you work.
  • The use of mathematical formulas, geometry and calculations helps keep your mind sharp, and you'll be doing this a lot when you quilt if you want specific shapes in your project. It keeps your brain engaged and developing, which is very handy for older quilters in particular.
  • Your brain releases happy hormones when you undertake satisfying, enjoyable tasks. Quilting's combination of beautiful colours and patterns, soft-touch materials and repetitive actions are sure to make your feel great!

Beginner quilting project - Metallicus quilt

This pretty Metallicus quilt is a great place to start for beginner quilters. It has a simple but beautiful pattern that will introduce you to basic quilting techniques without overwhelming you, helping you to create a neat finish on your completed quilt.

Intermediate quilting project - Jocelyn Proust flora quilt

Intermediate quilting project - Jocelyn Proust flora quilt

Perfect for those of you with a few quilts under your belt, this stunning quilt uses gorgeous floral Jocelyn Proust fabrics in a clever pattern. The finished quilt is a wonderful decoration piece that is perfect for draping over your bed or couch.

Advanced quilting project - Jocelyn Proust natives quilt

Advanced quilting project - Jocelyn Proust natives quilt

Ideal for advanced quilters looking for a challenge, this amazing quilt features Jocelyn Proust native fabrics in stylish parallelogram shapes. The finished product is one you can be proud of - hang it on a wall in your home or gift it to a lucky friend if you're feeling generous!

Get quilting with Spotlight

Spotlight has everything you need for quilting online or at your local store. Hungry for more quilting projects for beginners and advanced crafters? Check out our quilting projects page online for heaps of creative quilt ideas!




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