Halloween Confectionery

Add some sweetness to your Halloween party with our Halloween confectionery at Spotlight. Shop Halloween sweets online now.

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Enjoy Yummy Halloween Candy And Confectionery From Spotlight

Make your Halloween as sweet as can be using Spotlight's range of quality Halloween snacks and confectionery! Whether they're for heaping in bowls around your home for a party (they can double as decorations) or for giving out to eager trick-or-treaters, our range of Halloween candy and sweets has something for everyone.

We've got Halloween treats from reputable brands such as Spartys, Lolliland and Spooky Hollow for you to choose from, with a great range available both online and in-store.

Find Themed Halloween Treats Here!

Did you know Spotlight has Halloween treats themed to specific costumes and characters? This means you can give out Halloween candy that matches your costume! Vampires can give out gummy vampire fangs and blood pops, zombies can give out creepy gummy eyeballs and body parts and witches can give out gummy bats and spiders. Not to mention our amazing-looking swirl pops in gorgeous Halloween colours!

Halloween confectionery FAQ

What is Halloween confectionery?

Halloween confectionery refers to treats and lollies designed for giving away and eating during Halloween. They are usually small so they can easily fit in a trick-or-treat bucket, and are often themed around scary characters.

Is it safe to accept Halloween candy from strangers?

While there are many stories about children receiving poisoned or razor-blade-filled candy from strangers, these are quite often just stories. Children who fall ill from eating Halloween candy are usually sick from eating too much, although there have been cases of food being given out that has not been prepared or stored properly. Make sure any Halloween candy you are giving out has been wrapped properly and is well before its best-before date!

What are some healthy alternatives to Halloween treats?

If you'd like to offer healthier alternatives to Halloween candy that won't get your house egged, consider these options:

  • Mini packets of lightly salted popcorn.
  • Sugar-free gum.
  • Easy to eat fruit like grapes, blueberries or sultanas.

Or you can give out toys! Slap bands, bubble blowers, clappers and yo-yos are all super fun gifts kids will love to receive.

What Else Can I Find in the Halloween and Party At Spotlight?

We have a fantastic range of Halloween products you can purchase for your home, including:

  • Halloween baking supplies: Bake scary cakes, spooky cupcakes and creepy cookies with our amazing range of Halloween baking supplies! And make sure to check out our cake and confectionery projects for some recipe ideas.
  • Halloween treat bags and buckets: Keep your hard-earned Halloween sweets safe and sound in any of our durable Halloween treat buckets and bags.
  • Halloween sewing fabrics: If you love to sew, why not try making a Halloween quilt, blanket or table runner with any of our beautiful Halloween sewing fabrics? You can even use them to make costume accessories!

Check out the full Halloween range for any other Halloween supplies you may need.

Find the right Halloween confectionery at Spotlight

Ready to choose your Halloween candy? Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your Halloween snacks and treats straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our lovely team will help you find the Halloween treats you need in person. Looking to host a Halloween party of your own? Check out our guides to throwing the ultimate Halloween party, or throwing a last-minute Halloween party if you've left it a little late. And don't forget our guides to group costumes and pet costumes too!



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