How to make a pinata with Tonia Todman

How to make a pinata with Tonia Todman

During Make It March at Spotlight, you'll learn how to create your very own arts and crafts projects from some of the biggest creative talent in Australia. Over the past three weeks, Tonia Todman has shown us how to make paper poppies with Jimmy Rees and how to upcycle a lampshade and how to make a clay vase. As this week is all about parties, Tonia Todman has returned once again to show us how to make a DIY pinata.

What you'll need:

  • Large sheet of cardboard for body of pinata
  • Crepe paper to be cut into decorative fringing for pinata ends
  • Coloured tissue paper for making flowers and leaves
  • Ribbon or cord to suspend finished pinata
  • Double-sided tape
  • PVA glue and/or hot melt glue
  • Fine florist wire
  • Sharp craft knife
  • Lollies



Step1 - Place a strip of double sided tape down the long side of the cardboard. Roll over the opposite long edge of the cardboard and stick to the tape, forming a tube shape.

Step 2 - Take three sheets of coloured tissue for each end of the tube. Following the process from the video, fold the tissue sheets into triangle shape and glue to the base layer. Repeat for the opposite site then fold the tissue into quarters and cut a circle shape around the edge to create one large circle.

Step 3 - Pleat the outer edges of the tissue circle to be a similar size to the end openings of the cardboard tube. Fasten pleats with glue and leave to dry.

Step 4 - Using a sharp knife, cut a three sided opening flap in the middle/top of the cardboard tube that's big enough to fit your hand inside. Insert knife blade point into the cardboard near this opening to make four holes for threading cord through to hang your pinata once it’s finished.

Step 5 - Use the opening to access the tube ends and glue the pleated tissue circles in place, sealing both ends of the tube.

Step 6 - Now it’s time to decorate your pinata! Fix several rows of double sided tape around ends of the tube. Fold some crepe paper in half lengthwise and cut into the centerfold but not through to create a fringed piece of crepe paper. Position the crepe fringe onto the double sided tape at each end of the pinata. Repeat with different colours.

Step 7 - For the flowers fold a tissue sheet diagonally, three or four times. Tuck one end downwards, then roll and pleat remaining tissue around the centre of itself to create a flower shape. Wind florist wire around stem to hold in place. Repeat to create different sizes and colours of flowers.

Step 8 - Cut 6-8 leaves randomly from green tissue paper and then glue the flowers and leaves onto the pinata, as shown. Glue more tissue paper streamers below flowers on both sides to finish!

Step 9 - Measure out two pieces of cord for hanging, thread through previously made holes and tie ends together.

Step 10 - Fill pinata with lollies, then hang in place ready to use!


Recreate your very own version of Tonia’s pinata and upload it to Instagram with #makeitwithspotlight for your chance to win a $250 Spotlight voucher!




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