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Celebrate Halloween together with your furry friends with our range of pet Halloween costumes. Shop cat & dog Halloween costumes at Spotlight.

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Dress Your Best Friend In A Pet Halloween Costume From Spotlight

You can bring your pet along for the ride during Halloween with Spotlight's adorable pet Halloween costumes! Easy to wear and featuring a slew of popular characters, our Halloween animal costumes will make your pet the star of Halloween night, whether they're hanging out at home or accompanying you as you trick or treat. Match with an adult or kids' Halloween costume for the ultimate group costume.

Why Pets Love Halloween Animal Costumes!

Many pets enjoy dressing up, as not only do they get an extra burst of warmth from the layers, but they love the extra attention that comes with looking their best! A comfortably-fitted costume can feel cosy for many pets (like how we feel when getting a wonderful hug), so it's important to carefully measure your pet and check the size guide on any pet Halloween costume you will potentially be buying. You could even add a Halloween costume accessory, like wings, to make your pet feel extra special!

Pet Halloween Costumes FAQ

What is a pet Halloween costume?

A pet Halloween costume is a specially-designed Halloween outfit made to be worn by animals commonly kept as pets like dogs and cats. They will have features leaving space for the animal's ears and tail, as well as allowing them to go to the bathroom without soiling the costume.

What kinds of animals can dress up for Halloween?

The most common pets to dress up on Halloween are dogs, followed by cats, as costumes are easy to make for their size. Smaller pets like lizards and snakes can wear a specially-made hat or jacket, while birds generally cannot wear costumes because of the freedom they need to move and their fragility. Large animals like horses can wear hats and even have specially-fitted jackets, but because of their size, these costumes can be very expensive.

How do I make sure my pet is comfortable in their Halloween costume?

There are two ways to ensure your pet is comfortable in their costume on Halloween night. Firstly, ensure the costume has been fitted correctly to your pet's size. An overly large costume can cause your pet to trip or get tangled up, while one that is too small will be very uncomfortable for them. Keep in mind very fluffy dogs and cats may struggle to fit into a costume their size due to the density and length of their fur.

You should let your pet wear their costume every now and then for a few days leading up to the costume so they are familiar with it and are used to how it feels. Praise your pet and show them extra affection at these times so they build positive associations with wearing their costume.

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Find the right pet Halloween costume at Spotlight

Make sure your pet is dressed for success this Halloween with the best pet Halloween costume from Spotlight! Browse the range online and you can pay your way to have your Halloween animal costume home delivered. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right pet Halloween costume for your dog or cat. Ensure you are prepped for Halloween by reading our blogs on throwing the ultimate Halloween party (or throwing a last-minute Halloween party), and get your outfit inspiration from blogs like our guide to Halloween makeup.



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