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Where can I buy doorstops online?

Spotlight offers doorstops in a variety of styles that will look great in any room. Our range of doorstops can be easily placed next to any door in your house and put away without needing any tools. We also have door snakes that will seal your doors and eliminate cold draughts.

What type of doorstops can I find at Spotlight?

In this range you'll find different types of decorative fabric doorstops in a range of designs that you can match with your existing home decor. Our bean bag door stops come in a range of colours and feature all sorts of fun and stylish graphic prints.

We also have fabric door stops in the shape of different animals such as dogs, cats and roosters, which are fun and quirky additions to any nursery, children's room, guest room or bedroom. Fabric doors stops are typically filled with sand, pebbles or other types of weights that make them very heavy and difficult to move. Even small fabric doorstops can weigh more than 1 kilo and are heavy enough to stop your doors from moving around.

If you're looking for natural earth tones, we have heavy rope door stops that look like huge balls of knotted of rope. These rope door stops are tied in what's known as a monkey's fist knot and use rope that's made of natural fibres.

What are the benefits of using doorstops?

Door stops are used to hold doors open or closed and stop them from being moved around by gusts of wind, pets or little children. They can also be used as a barrier to keep doors from swinging past a certain point and hitting or damaging your walls or any nearby furniture.

What kind door snakes can I find at Spotlight?

Door snakes or draught excluders are used to cover the gaps on the bottom doors to keep cold air from getting through and heated air from getting out. Draught excluders can also be placed on window panes to seal up the bottoms of your windows.

Our door snakes come in a range of different colours so you can choose what best matches with your decor and your personal tastes.

What other door accessories does Spotlight offer?

Aside from decorative door stops and door snakes, Spotlight also offers a range of door accessories that can add functionality to any door in your house.

Check out our over the door hooks that you hang over your doors without having to nail or screw them down. These door hooks are available in vertical or horizontal configurations and are a quick and easy way to add more storage around your house. You can use these door hooks to hang your jackets, coats, scarves, hats, caps, bags, umbrellas and other accessories you need to take with you before heading out the door. You can also hang these door hooks in bathrooms so you can have additional places to hang towels, bath robes and clothes on.

We also have door hangers that you can place over your door knobs to let everyone else in your home know that you don't want to be disturbed. We have door hangers that are basically blank canvasses that you can customise with your own messages and designs.

Finally, we have different door mats that are great for keeping the dirt, mud and water on the other side of the door and not on your floors. You can choose between door mats that are made out of natural fibres like jute or more water resistant synthetic materials like vinyl and polypropylene.



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