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Discover Stylish & Practical Door Stops For Your Home At Spotlight

Spotlight offers door stops and door snakes in a variety of styles that will look great in any room. Our range of portable doorstops can be easily placed next to any door in your house, while our door snakes will seal your doors and eliminate cold draughts. Explore decorative fabric doorstops in a range of designs that you can match with your existing home decor. Discover a great variety of colours, prints and fun animal-shaped designs that make a fun and quirky addition to any nursery, children's room, guest room or bedroom. If you're looking for natural earth tones, we have heavy rope door stops that add a marvellous textural element to your home interior. These rope door stops are tied in what's known as a monkey's fist knot and use rope that's made of natural fibres. Whether you're looking to keep a door in place or keep out a cool draft, you can find the perfect doorstop or door snake for your home at Spotlight.

Door Stops FAQs

What is a doorstop?

Door stops are fixed or heavy objects that are used to hold doors open or closed, and stop them from being moved around by gusts of wind, pets or little children. They can also be used as a barrier to keep doors from swinging past a certain point and hitting or damaging your walls or any nearby furniture.

What are the draft stoppers?

If you're wondering how to keep cold air from coming through your doors, then a draft stopper or door snake could be the solution. Designed to close off any gap between the bottom of your door and your flooring, door snakes are an affordable and quick DIY solution for increasing your home's insulation. On the flip side, draft stoppers can also be utilised in the warmer months to keep out the hot air and ensure your home's cooling systems are working to their maximum efficiency.

What are door stops and door snakes filled with?

Fabric door stops are typically filled with sand, pebbles or other types of weights that make them very heavy and difficult to move. Even small fabric doorstops can weigh more than 1 kilo and are heavy enough to stop your doors from moving around. Door snakes utilise sand or sawdust to create enough weight to keep them in place - while allowing them to still be flexible enough to maximise their contact between the floor and door, effectively sealing up any gaps that would let air through.

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Aside from their practical uses, draft stoppers and door stoppers can add a colourful and textural element to your home decor. Find the perfect door stops and door snakes at Spotlight, and add to the comfort and thermal efficiency of your home. Add an extra layer of cosiness to your spaces with our selection of indoor rugs and door mats, and explore handy floor accessories like rug grip and underlay to complete your flooring makeover. Shop the complete range of rugs, mats & floor accessories online at Spotlight and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order. You can also explore the range at your nearest Spotlight store. Check out our Decorate blogs for some great styling and home improvement ideas. Spotlight VIP members also have access to VIP discounts, advance sales notifications and other great benefits. Sign up for free today to find door stops & more at great prices with Spotlight.



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