Our favourite Easter crafts and ideas to make this year special

Our favourite Easter crafts and ideas to make this year special

Celebrating Easter is all about spending time with your favourite people - plus bunnies and chocolate galore! This year Easter Sunday is April 17, so there's plenty of time to make it meaningful and delicious.

Easter activities like crafting, baking and decorating are wonderful opportunities to spend time with loved ones. Settle down and spend quality time making simple craft projects with little ones. Invite some mates into your kitchen for a Great Easter Bake Off. Or gather the whole clan together to make and display festive Easter decorations for the season of bunnies, carrots and eggs.

When the big day comes around, it's time for egg hunts and Easter parades. Or just a nice roast with the folks.

Do Easter your way, whether that's bonnets and bunnies or chocolate and glitter! To help out, we've gathered together some of our favourite Easter craft ideas to suit just about every type of celebration.

Easter crafts


Easter crafts are a fantastic way to keep kids entertained these holidays and away from screens for a bit. This fun DIY Paper Easter Bunnies project is simple as can be - though you'll want an adult nearby when it comes to the hot glue gun! Or get hands-on with a Paint Your Own Egg Kit. Gather the clan, cover the kitchen table in newspaper and get painting.

We've got lots more Easter craft ideas for little ones to enjoy. How about making some Pom Pom Bunnies to play with, or a Flannelette Bunny Pouch to stuff with sweet treats? Or get as messy and creative as you like with a Happy Easter Craft Tub. It's filled with 500 craft items, so you'll never run out of fun things to make and do.

Easter decoration ideas


We don't always think of decorating for Easter as much as we do with other holidays. But why not embrace the season of bunnies and eggs, and change the look of your house to match?

This project shows how to make the most of ceramic, papier mache, foam and fillable craft eggs, with pretty flowers, gems and paint. Use as table decorations, in DIY Easter baskets, or hang from a branch or sturdy pot plant for a fun Easter Tree. (Add feathers, ribbons and other baubles, as you like.)

For more festive fun, hang up some cheerful bunting or decorate your front door. And if you're planning on an egg hunt, pop up some yard signs to show the Easter Bunny where to do their thing.

Easter bonnet ideas


Whether you're primping the perfect bonnet for a school Easter Parade or holding your own mini runway event at home, we've got all the inspiration you need in our Easter bonnet project sheet. Bonnet-making is a lovely way to spend a quality crafternoon with kids. Gather ribbons, faux flowers and some tiny chenille chicks or bunnies - plus your hat, of course - and have fun arranging everything together.

Short on time? (Or not the bonnet type?) Try a bunny headband or an Easter Bunny hat instead. And don't forget to practise the parade walk-and-wave ahead of time. Chins up, hats on, and stride!

Easter gift ideas


Chocolate is a classic (and delicious) Easter gift, so why not have a go at some yummy DIY with a chocolate egg making kit? Friends and family will love your efforts - even if they're a bit wonkier than the store-bought kind.

Fillable eggs are another lovely DIY gift idea. Pop small sweets or toys inside clear fillable eggs and give away as presents, or use them as decorations around the home - they look especially cute laid out on an Easter dinner table. If there's something edible inside, you can crack them open and have it for dessert!

If you're sending long-distance Easter cheer, why not spend time crafting some special holiday cards? These ones are great if you've got a Cricut machine, or try these handmade ones.

Easter baking


Holiday baking is always a good idea. It can be a fun group activity with friends, family or kids - or some quiet solo time. Plus, there's something yummy to eat at the end.

Get into the holiday spirit with our hot cross bun making kit, or go all in with a spectacular Easter Cookie Cake the whole family can ooh and aah over.

If you'd rather stick to something tried and true, why not put a festive twist on your go-to baking treats? Whip up a batch of your favourite biscuit dough and use some Easter cookier cutters to make bunny- or egg-shaped treats. Or decorate your regular cupcakes with pastel sprinkles and chocolate eggs. For this Easter 2022, get baking and get creative!


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