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Welcome visitors into your home while leaving dust, dirt and mud outside with these stylish and practical door mats from Spotlight. The range includes mats for inside your home as well as those that go outside the doorway. Ideal for front and back doors, patio doors, entrances from the garage or anywhere else where people enter your home. Different styles, sizes and materials are available in our door mats, including choir, jute and man-made materials. Choose from plain, patterned and striped mats, or express yourself with our mats that have WELCOME and BONJOUR written on them.

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Where can I buy door mats online?

Spotlight offers a variety of different door mats that will help keep dirt and mud at bay on the other side of the door and away from your clean floors. We have door mats made out of either natural or synthetic materials to suit every household's needs.

What kind of door mats can I find at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight you can buy door mats made out of natural fibres like jute, as well as synthetic materials such as vinyl and polypropylene. Jute has become a popular material for door mats and rugs because of its affordability, durability, and natural beauty that blends in well with different home decor styles. You can choose between woven or braided door mats depending on the aesthetic and texture that appeals to you the most.

Jute door mats are better suited for low to medium traffic areas inside the house because the natural fibres tend to wear out and fade quicker when it is constantly exposed to sunlight and moisture. Consequently, placing jute door mats outside your main door or in bathrooms will shorten its usable lifespan much quicker. In use, jute door mats are very soft and comfortable on your feet, while still being relatively durable and easy to clean with a vacuum.

Jute door mats are also a great choice for those who are concerned about protecting the environment. The plants used for making jute fibres are fast growing and easily replaceable, which makes the manufacture of different jute products a very sustainable endeavour. Once you decide to replace or throw them away, jute door mats can still be recycled and are easily biodegradable.

If you're looking for a durable door mat that is resistant to water damage, our vinyl and polypropylene door mats are excellent options. These synthetic materials are also resistant to fading from exposure to sunlight and are very durable while still being very affordable. Door mats made out of synthetic materials can be placed outside your main doorway or even in bathrooms where they are bound to get soaked in water without you having to worry about potentially ruining them. They can even be used in commercial environments like offices, stores and restaurants where they will be subjected to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of using a door mat?

Door mats are primarily used for wiping off dirt, mud and excess water from your shoes and feet. Having door mats in strategic locations can help keep the inside of your home much cleaner, and also keeps unwanted germs, bacteria and other toxins outside where they belong. Door mats are especially important if you frequently have guests over since it serves as a reminder that you make an effort to keep your floors clean.

In high traffic areas like main entryways that are more exposed to the outside, door mats also provide a stable surface with better grip, which prevents the chances of slipping and falling.

Door mats can also serve as an extra layer of protection for your floors. It keeps your floors from getting soaked with moisture and also prevents scratches from shoes, rocks and other debris.

What other rugs and mats does Spotlight offer?

When you check out our Rugs section you'll find a wide variety of stylish polypropylene, shag and wool rugs in many different sizes and shapes. We also have long hall runners that can give your hallways a warmer and cosier look. Compared to our door mats, our area rugs are available in a wider range of styles and colours and can be used as important focal points for your home decorating. We also have rug grippers that will help keep your door mats and area rugs from sliding around all over the place.



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