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What are polypropylene rugs?

Polypropylene or olefin is one of the most commonly used materials for rugs today. This synthetic fibre is a popular choice for rugs because its look and feel closely resembles that of wool, while costing much less. It is available in a wide range of colours and is resistant to fading even after many years of use.

Where can I buy polypropylene rugs online?

Spotlight offers polypropylene rugs in a range of different colours and styles. We have traditional Persian style rugs that can easily add a dash of classic elegance to a room, as well as more modern and colourful designs that will help brighten up any space.

What benefits do polypropylene rugs offer?

The main driver for the popularity of polypropylene rugs is its affordable price and wide variety of designs compared to other types of rugs. This means you can frequently change the look of a room by switching to a new polypropylene rug which doesn't cost too much.

Despite polypropylene rugs having so many colour and design options, the material itself is difficult to dye. However, once it is dyed it has very strong colour fastness which makes it very resistant to fading. It can be washed multiple times and even bleached without having to worry about any of the colours running and ruining the design.

Polypropylene is also very water resistant making the rugs very easy to clean even if you spill liquids on it, which happens a lot when you have kids or pets in the house. Polypropylene rugs can even be used in outdoor areas where there is a good chance that it will be exposed to a lot of rain and moisture. Similarly, this water resistance also makes these rugs very good at resisting mould and mildew.

What are heatset rugs?

The term heatset refers to an additional process that polypropylene fibres go through to make it more desirable for use in carpets and rugs. Heat setting gives polypropylene fibres more volume making it thicker, softer and nicer to touch than rugs that use non-heatset BCF or bulk continuous filament, which are usually sold at a cheaper price. Heatset rugs are also more durable and resistant to shedding.

What other types of rugs can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from polypropylene rugs, Spotlight also sells a huge variety of rugs, door mats and hall runners made out of other materials like polyester, wool and jute, each with its own unique characteristics.

If you're looking for a rug that you can really sink your feet into, check out our selection of shaggy polyester rugs. These are available in many different shades ranging from neutral to bright colours, as well as a variety of stylish print designs. We also have rugs made out of natural materials like wool, jute and different animal hides. Wool rugs are extremely durable and resilient and are ideal for high traffic areas because they don't get easily matted down even if you place heavy furniture on them. Wool can also be woven into intricate designs, which makes them one of the more popular materials for making rugs.

Jute rugs are a good choice if you're looking for a neutral or earth toned colours. They are the greenest choice as far as manufacturing goes because the plant fibre is very easy to grow making it highly sustainable, and also quite affordable. They are also easily biodegradable after it's worn down over the years. Jute rugs are also quite thick, which makes them comfortable to stand on. They are also very effective at trapping dust, dirt and debris. If you're looking for a rug that really stands out, we have rugs made out of real animal hides such as sheepskin and cow hides. These rugs are extremely plush and luxurious and each one has different marks and colours that are unique to the animal it comes from.



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