Beat the heat with these summer bedding ideas

Beat the heat with these summer bedding ideas

When it comes to your bed, what was so warm, comforting and snuggly in winter can turn into a sweatbox over the summer months. That's why you should change your bedding with the seasons so, no matter what the weather, your bed is a retreat that is always welcoming, relaxing and conducive to quality sleep.

So if you're wondering how to sleep better in summer, here are some simple changes you can make to your bed linen for a restful night's sleep.

Peel back the layers

Peel back the layers

It goes without saying, you won't want as many layers on the bed in summer. But, depending on where you are in Australia, temperatures during traditionally hotter months can vary wildly, particularly at night, so it's best to be prepared for anything.

Some people are happy to just fold back their doona and then pull it up when the mercury plummets but this technique often fails to accommodate those 'in-between' temperature variations. Summer quilts and summer blankets are perfect because, unlike other quilts and blankets usually made from wool or heavy synthetics, they're light enough not to make you sweat but still ward off the chills.

Another benefit of summer blankets, quilts and even throws is they can be tastefully arranged across the bed or at the base to accentuate a summer design theme and display their textures (most often waffle in varying degrees of chunkiness). A summer quilt or blanket is also perfect for putting across your knee or draping around your shoulders while relaxing in the living room or on the patio at night.

Think about the fabric of your sheets

Fabric of your sheets

Given that bed linen or sheets are close to your skin, in summer, you'll want to replace heavy sheets made from high thread counts and dense, synthetic materials - like flannelette or sateen - to ones in natural fibres that are lightweight, cool to touch and capable of drawing moisture away from the body.

Accordingly, nothing beats the beautiful, breathable qualities of natural fibres, with cotton being at the top of the hit list for summer sheets. However, linen as a fibre, which is made from flax plants, is another superb choice with its naturally occurring antimicrobial qualities, and its superiority to cotton in breathability, moisture-wicking and absorbency. The crushed look of linen can also function as an attractive complement to relaxed summer bedroom decor.

In recent years, another natural fibre - bamboo - has gained in popularity, particularly for sheets. Highly durable and eco-renewable, bamboo sheets can vary a lot in style and quality but the right bamboo linen for summer could be even softer than cotton and retain less heat. It's worthwhile looking at bamboo blends, such as bamboo cotton, for the qualities that natural fibre combinations offer.

Let there be light

Light bed linen

Whether in the sheets, cushions, duvet and blankets on your bed - or anywhere else across the bedroom, for that matter - going with white or light colours in the summer-time will contribute considerably to a feeling of cool. Not all of us are in a position to change our curtains or floor coverings and furnishings with the seasons but we can affordably do-over our bed styling by mixing up some key items.

We've already talked about sheets and how the right fabrics will make a world of difference. However, along with the fibre, you need to consider the colours of your sheets. In summer, go for whites, neutrals and soft earthy palettes over anything dark, deep and moody. Coverings over your bed - such as doonas or duvets, blankets and throws - should be swapped over to summer shades as well, or they could incorporate a summer-friendly design such as lush rainforest or bright tropical patterning, especially for those who find whites and neutrals too bland.

It may just be a matter of changing your sheet sets, doona cover and a well-positioned cushion to complete your summer bed transformation but you will find that it's an investment in seasonal comfort that will serve you well.

Don't forget the mattress topper

Don't forget the mattress topper

While we normally think about stripping back the bed for summer, there's one bedding item we definitely don't want to remove: the mattress topper or mattress protector. As well as keeping your mattress in its best state all-year round, a mattress topper can go a long way to regulating your body temperature, wicking moisture and ensuring you don't drown in your own sweat. In other words, a mattress protector is just as vital in summer and it is in winter.

Sweet summer dreams for everyone

Landing on how to sleep better in summer is a matter of a few select changes that need not break the bank but can make your bed both feel and look better. Choose wisely and you'll spend your summer evenings sleeping on Cloud Nine. For more information read our buying guides online now.




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