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Check out the range of floor accessories including rug grippers & rug underlays at Spotlight. Protect your floors with rug accessories today.

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What floor accessories can I find at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight we have floor accessories that will keep your rugs in place and stop them from moving or slipping around on your floors. Our rug grippers are available in rolls can be cut to custom sizes to fit rugs and door mats of any shape or size.

What are the benefits of using rug grippers?

Rug grippers keep your area rugs and door mats in place which means you won't have to waste any more time or effort moving them back to where they belong. Rug grippers also prevent you from accidentally slipping and falling even if your rugs are on very slippery floors and surfaces. They also keep your rugs from curling or folding over itself which is a safety hazard that you can easily trip over. This extra safety measure is very helpful for elderly people who have difficulties with balance and for kids who are always running around the house. If you have furniture placed on top of your rugs, rug grippers can keep them from falling over whenever the rug is moved.

Rug grippers provide an extra layer to keep your hardwood floors from getting scratched by the rougher materials used on the back of the rug. When you have furniture placed on top of the rug, the extra weight can also wear out your rugs much quicker and cause holes or rips over time. A rug gripper can relieve some of this pressure with the additional padding it provides. This extra layer also makes rugs feel plusher and softer when you stand or walk on it, and minimises any noise that your feet and shoes make with every step. Rug grippers can also prevent any liquids that get spilled on your rugs from seeping through and soaking your floors which can result in water damage and stains.

What rugs and door mats does Spotlight offer?

Here at Spotlight we have a huge selection of area rugs and door mats in a variety styles and sizes. If you're looking for a luxurious looking rug that will add cosiness and warmth to a living space, check out our selection of shaggy rugs. We have shag rugs in a range of solid colours, as well as rugs with different prints and patterns for a more interesting look. Our shaggy rugs are typically made out of polyester.

We also have polypropylene rugs that are very affordable and are available in a range of stylish designs. These will easily dress up any plain floor and are extremely hard wearing. If you prefer rugs made out of natural fibres, we have wool rugs made out of high quality cotton that are very supple and soft to the touch. Our wool rugs come in a range of bright and colourful designs. We also have jute rugs with different weaves, designs and shapes that are great options if you're looking for rugs with more natural earth tones. We also have rugs made out sheepskin and cow hides that have the same look and texture of the animal skins they have been harvested from, making each rug unique.

Spotlight also sells door mats that will keep the dirt, mud and water on the other side of your door and keep your floors and rugs inside the house clean. We have jute door mats in a variety of different weaves and designs. Jute door mats are made out of sustainable materials that are also easily biodegradable. We also have more hard wearing vinyl and polypropylene door mats that won't easily break down even if it's always soaking wet or fade due to constant exposure to sunlight.



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