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Given wool has been used in rugs for hundreds of years, you could say that wool rugs have stood the test of time. The huge variety of coloured wool yarns and their wide availability means that wool can be woven into any number of intricate designs, which is a big contributor to their popularity. Wool is also a very durable fibre, which is perfect for high-traffic areas and taking the load of heavy furniture without wearing thin. Soft and luxurious under foot, wool rugs are also very good sound and heat insulators. At Spotlight, you can shop a wide variety of wool

Wool Rugs FAQs

What are the benefits of wool rugs?

Wool rugs have many benefits including being super durable and having a natural texture and feel. Wool also has natural insulation benefits, making it perfect for colder climates and when you want to add some warmth to your room.

How to clean wool rugs?

Always follow the directions on the tag or the package for your specific rug. In general, wool rugs should be vacuumed regularly and shaken outdoors to remove any loose dirt. For stains and spills, spot clean with a soft damp cloth and wool-safe detergent. Wool rugs may also need to be professionally deep cleaned.

How to style wool rugs?

Wool rugs are very versatile in terms of styling and can be used in the living room, bedroom or entryway. Try layering your rugs for a unique look and style your rug with coordinating furnishings such as throw blankets and cushions.

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Ready to purchase? Read the Rugs and Mats Buying Guide all about placing rugs and mats in different areas across the home. Click through our range of wool rugs online, as well as other rugs, floor mats and accessories, door mats, hall runners and more to refresh your home. Wool is a great choice for rugs, if you are looking for different materials, check out cotton rugs, jute rugs, polyester rugs and even convenient machine-washable rugs all available at Spotlight. Head into a Spotlight store to see what's available and feel the range in person, and don't forget to join the VIP Club for exclusive deals. For more home styling tips and inspiration, head over to the Ideas blog and discover great articles.



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