Adult Halloween Costumes

Show off the spooky side of you with our range of adult Halloween costumes, including vampire & witch costumes. Shop Halloween costumes for men & women online.

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Discover Quality Adult Halloween Costumes At Spotlight

Whether you are taking to the streets trick or treating or just enjoying Halloween at home, the right adult Halloween costume is key to enjoying the frightening festivities! From funny and colourful to genuinely terrifying, you can discover our huge range of adult Halloween costumes, as well as matching accessories, here!

The Best Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

If you're struggling to pick a Halloween costume, here are some ideas that are always reliable:

  • Disney princesses: Elsa, Belle or Snow White Halloween costumes will not only make you feel like royalty but greatly excite any children you come across as well. Our adult Disney princess costumes are comfortable to wear and make you instantly recognisable as your character.
  • Star Wars: Dress in robes, pick up a lightsaber and devote yourself to the Jedi or the Sith with a Star Wars costume. A popular male and female adult Halloween costume, the breadth of Star Wars factions, characters and races means anyone can fit into the Star Wars universe!
  • Horror movie villains: A full-sized villain from any classic horror movie is sure to scare even the hardiest of Halloween goers! Become Michael from Halloween, Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, Ghostface from Scream or Jason from Friday The 13th and be ready to instil fear into your friends and family on Halloween.

Adult Halloween Costumes FAQ

What are adult Halloween costumes?

Adult Halloween costumes are adult-sized fancy dress outfits designed for use on Halloween. They are often modelled after pop culture characters, as well as generic scary figures from fairy tales and scary stories.

What are some group adult Halloween costume ideas?

If you are celebrating Halloween with your friends, why not try to match your costumes as a group? Try The Justice League or The Avengers if your group loves superhero movies, The Scooby Gang if there's a mystery about, the Ghostbusters to keep any ghoulies away or The Wiggles for a child-friendly costume.

Can I take my pet trick or treating with me?

As an adult, if you know your pet can handle crowds and is well-behaved on a leash, then why not bring them along on your trick-and-treating rounds? Make sure your pet is dressed for the occasion in any of our Halloween pet costumes, and try to match them to your own if possible!

What Else Can I Find in the Amazing Halloween Range At Spotlight?

While costumes are a huge part of Halloween, there's more to this spooky holiday than just dressing up! Here are some other bits and bobs you'll need on Halloween:

  • Halloween craft supplies: If you love to craft, why not try making some of your own Halloween decorations and accessories? Our Halloween craft supplies have all the trinkets you need to bring your Halloween projects to life!
  • Treat buckets and bags: The best accessory for a Halloween costume is a matching treat bucket or bag! Plus they're great for keeping your treats safe as you trick or treat through the night.
  • Halloween baking supplies: Love to bake? Create your own unique Halloween goodies using our range of Halloween baking supplies and bakeware.

Browse the entire Halloween range for any other Halloween supplies you could need!

Find the right adult Halloween costumes at Spotlight

Whether you've got a costume in mind or are looking for some inspiration, our adult Halloween costume range will have the fancy dress outfit you need. Discover the range of adult Halloween costumes online, where you can pay your way and have your order home delivered. You can also choose to visit your local Spotlight store, where our friendly staff will help you choose the right adult Halloween costume in person.

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