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Halloween is a night to be anything but you! Discover our range of Halloween costumes, including superhero, vampire, skeleton & monster costumes at Spotlight.

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Find The Perfect Halloween Costume At Spotlight

Whether it's for a house party with friends or if you plan to take to the streets trick or treating, you'll need the best Halloween costume and matching Halloween costume accessories. At Spotlight, your local Halloween costume shop, we're proud to offer a huge range of amazing adult Halloween costumes and child Halloween costumes that cover everything from traditionally scary vampires, werewolves and witches to pop culture characters like superheroes, Disney princesses and villains. And don't forget to get your pet in on the fun with our pet costumes!

Bring your Halloween costume ideas to life

With such an expansive variety of Halloween costumes and accessories to choose from, Spotlight is the best place to go to ensure you've got a comfortable and colourful costume for Halloween ready to go. We have a costume for everyone - popular male Halloween costumes include villains like The Riddler and The Joker, pop culture icons like Elvis and Ceasar and scary movie stars like Jason and Pennywise. Women will love the classic vampire or witch Halloween costume, as well as characters like Harley Quinn, Batwoman and Cruella, while kids can get in on the action with Annabelle, Bluey and Spiderman costumes for girls and boys.

Halloween Costumes and Accessories FAQ

What are Halloween costumes and accessories?

Halloween costumes and Halloween costume accessories are fancy dress components you can combine to create a full outfit to wear on Halloween night. They can be modelled after traditionally scary characters like zombies and skeletons or after scary characters from movies and TV shows.

What Halloween costume should I wear?

The Halloween costume you choose should be one that you are comfortable wearing for an extended period of time. You may be walking, running or even dancing in your Halloween costume, so be sure to choose one you can do this in. Pay attention to what material your costume is made from, as some materials are more breathable than others.

What are some Halloween costumes for couples?

If you are spending Halloween with your partner, why not dress up in matching or complementing costumes? Become your favourite TV or movie couple like Batman and Catwoman, Homer and Marge Simpson or Barbie and Ken, or choose more generic but popular pairings like salt and pepper, a king and a queen or an angel and a devil. For more couple costume ideas, check out our blog on group costumes!

What Else Can I Find in the Spooky Halloween Collection At Spotlight?

Spotlight is the home of parties, and you can find heaps of other amazing Halloween supplies here, including:

  • Halloween craft supplies: Create unique decorations, accessories and gifts with our range of quality Halloween craft supplies.
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  • Halloween baking supplies: Create a delicious Halloween spread with our Halloween baking supplies. Make sure to check out our Halloween projects for heaps of recipes you can make at home.

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Find the right Halloween costumes and accessories at Spotlight

Ready to make this Halloween a memorable one? Spotlight is your Halloween costume shop destination this October, with great options online, where you can have your order home-delivered, and in-store. Make smart purchases by reading our party decorations and party tableware guides before buying. And don't forget our blogs on hosting the ultimate Halloween party (or putting a Halloween party together last minute) and Halloween makeup ideas to ensure you're putting on the best party possible!



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