15 Lazy (& Incredibly Satisfying) Things To Do Around The House This Afternoon

by Lucy Corry

15 Lazy (& Incredibly Satisfying) Things To Do Around The House This Afternoon

Ahhhh, a weekend afternoon with nowhere to go and nothing you have to do. Is there anything more blissful? We support your right to do absolutely nothing, if that's what you're after. But if you want some low-impact activities to enjoy while lazing around the house, here's some inspiration.

  1. Make like Marie Kondo and do a little targeted decluttering. Tackle that drawer of random stuff in the kitchen, then breathe in the deep satisfaction of an annoying task well done.
  2. Get your game face on: it's time for a brain-boosting board-game session. Invite friends over for Scrabble or chess, engage the family in a game of Cluedo or test yourself with some hardcore Solitaire.
  3. How do you solve a problem like Maria? You'll never know unless you hunker down for a musical movie marathon. Go retro with The Sound of Music, weep over Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land or enjoy the weirdness of Little Shop of Horrors.
  4. Bake. Go old school with one of grandma's favourites, or whip up a creation worthy of MasterChef. Baking brings joy on many levels - it's creative, delicious, and sharing it makes you feel even better than eating it all yourself.
  5. Break out your craft stash and get your glue stick ready: it's card-making time. Christmas comes but once a year, but occasions requiring cool cards happen every day. You'll never be rushing to the servo for a card again!
  6. Worries go down better with soup, as the old proverb says. They go down even faster if you've made that soup yourself on a lazy afternoon at home, then stashed it away in the freezer for another time. Making soup is about as easy as cooking gets (and as delicious).
  7. Remember how much fun it was playing dress-ups when you were a kid? It's still fun now, whether you want to go into full cosplay mode, or just figure out some more interesting combinations to wear to work. (Top tip: don't get the two confused unless you have a very creative workplace.)
  8. Knitting and crochet keep your brain sharp. They can also keep your head, hands and body warm, decorate your house, and make a bed extremely snuggly. Check out some of our knitting and crochet projects for inspiration.
  9. Do you know what links Cleopatra, Winston Churchill and Harry Potter star Emma Watson? A deep and abiding love of baths. If you're all out of fancy bath salts, try adding two cups of Epsom salt, a cup of milk powder or a handful of green tea bags to the water for a super-charged soak.
  10. Drag that china out of the cupboard, dust off your cake stand and practise sticking out your pinky finger for a proper afternoon tea. No need to fret if baking's not your strong suit - this is the perfect occasion to indulge in your favourite 'fancy' shop biscuits or cucumber sandwiches (no crusts, of course).
  11. Always wanted to up your drawing skills? Here's a fun way to do it by yourself or with a friend (or a kid!) Grab a pencil and some paper and draw the person's face (or your own, using a mirror) without looking at the paper. Set a time limit, then inspect the results. You'll be surprised how tricky and how fun this can be.
  12. Some days life can feel like a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. If you find it hard to switch off, putting together a jigsaw might be just what you need. Doing a jigsaw puzzle is a meditative, mindful activity that's very soothing and restful, whether you're doing it alone or with a helper or two.
  13. Become the master or mistress of your own wardrobe. Gather up those holey socks, your favourite jumper with the rip in it and the trousers with stapled-up hems, because it's time to fix all those little fashion faux pas in one go. You'll be saving money, the environment and your sanity, all with a few simple stitches.
  14. Bored with your walls? Why not make a mini gallery? Group together your favourite 'art works' (kids' paintings, postcards, photos, signs) and spend the afternoon hanging them together. The more - and the madder - can be the merrier!
  15. Do nothing. Seriously. Lie on your sofa and do absolutely nothing. Give in to the urge to take a long, blissful nap. You never know when you'll next get the chance.




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