Mother’s Day craft ideas to make mum feel extra special this year

Mother’s Day craft ideas to make mum feel extra special this year

When it comes down to it, the only thing your mum wants for Mother's Day is your love. So, imagine how wonderful she'll feel if you take the time to create a unique Mother's Day gift especially for her?

The appeal of homemade gifts - no matter what the occasion - is their one-of-a-kind quality, and the opportunity to customise with little details that say something special about your relationship with that person. They also require a more concerted effort than just picking something off the shelf or ordering a present online, and that extra effort shows a lot of care and dedication.

We think that Mother's Day is the perfect time to surprise and delight your mum with your creative skills. No matter how accomplished you are, we've got some fantastic Mother's Day craft ideas that are sure to make their way into your mum's heart.

Cotton Apron

Skill level = Easy

Even though an apron is a very practical gift - and a deceptively easy one to make too - there's no reason why it can't be an attractive piece of clothing that your mum will be proud to show off around the home.

Given how simple it is to follow our Cotton Apron project sheet, most of the effort goes into choosing the fabric.Luckily, we've got a sensational selection of fabrics featuring the bush fantasy worlds of beloved Australian illustrator and storyteller May Gibbs, each with a timeless quality that appeals to so many people. Specifically, the intricacy of these designs means you can see different details and patterns every time you look at them.

For this project example, we've chosen May Gibbs' Taking Flight design but, really, you can choose any fabric that you think fits your mum's taste. You might like to create a collection of other May Gibbs items for your mum in the kitchen for a fully accessorised look including napkins, oven mitts and placemats or table runners.

Resin Jewellery

Skill level = Intermediate

Resin jewellery is a great way to preserve a special memento for many years to come. Think of it as creating mini, framed artworks for your mum to wear around her neck, on her wrist or dangle from her ears.

There are many items that you can immortalise in resin ­- from postage stamps to old coins or even locks of hair - but we've gone for pressed flowers in this project example. You might like to choose one of your mum's favourite blooms or maybe a simple flower you picked during a quiet walk together?

While creating resin jewellery requires a little more skill and patience than beginner's level, we suggest it's worth practicing and getting right because there's really no end to the gorgeous jewellery you can produce.

Hemp storage hampers

Skill level = Easy

Just think how much your mum will adore these hemp storage hampers! Not only are they excellent DIY Mother's Day gifts on their own but these decorative baskets provide a fanciful means for presenting other Mother's Day goodies - such as hampers of chutneys, jams and other produce, or hampers of craft accessories (if your mum is a little crafty herself).

Beginners will love how easy it is to create these baskets, with most of the work going into the ornamentation. Use our project sheet as a guide but, once you gain confidence, try mixing it up and putting your own spin on the hemp hamper designs.

Lavender Drawer Pillows

Skill level = Easy

There's something so delightfully old-fashioned about creating your own stack of little lavender pillows in mismatched fabrics, then stuffing them with fresh herbs and tying them together with ribbon. For the right mum, they're quite literally a gift 'scent' from heaven.

In our project sheet, we've opted for organic poplin as the fabric but, really, you can use any fabric you want, just as long as it's not too thick or tightly woven so you don't stifle the aroma. You might like to create scented pillows from scraps of fabric, such as when a favourite frock falls apart or something else unmendable.

Similarly, lavender is known for its calming and disinfecting qualities, so it's favoured for use in scented drawer pillows. However, other herbs like lemon balm, thyme and peppermint are equally as effective, especially when it comes to repelling insects.


Whatever Mother's Day crafts you come up with for your mum this Mother's Day, make it something that gives you joy, and make it count. Check out all our free project sheets here for more craft ideas and for more gift ideas view our range here.




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