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Revive your wardrobe to its best with lint rollers & lint removers from Spotlight. Shop lint rollers online and make your garments stay flawlessly sleek.

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Keep Your Clothes Free From Fluff With Lint Removal Tools From Spotlight

Quickly remove lint, hair, dirt and dust from your clothes using any of the lint remover tools from Spotlight. Our lint removal supplies are easy to use and effective, ensuring your clothes always look clean and fresh no matter how long they've been stuck in your wardrobe!

What kinds of lint removal tools are there?

You can find three main kinds of lint removal tools here at Spotlight, from brands such as Semco and Birch:

  • Lint rollers: The classic lint roller uses a roll surrounded by sticky sheets of paper to lift lint and fuzz from your clothing. You can also find lint roller refills here, which you'll need to use to replace the sheets once they are covered with lint. You can use a lint roller for clothes, fabric accessories and small pieces of fabric furniture like cushions.
  • Lint brushes: These fuzzy brushes can be swiped across clothing to lift lint and dust. Simply pat the brush head after to remove the lint when finished.
  • Lint removers: These electric devices (also known as fabric shavers and electric lint rollers) have small, rotating blades that detach lint and pills from clothing, and are a great way to refresh clothing. They are best used on clothing made from natural materials like cotton and linen.

For more tools to keep your clothes looking their best, browse through our garment care category.

Lint Removal FAQs

What is a lint remover?

A lint remover is a small, handheld tool used to remove lint, fluff, fair and dust from fabrics. They can be used on clothing, rugs and fabric furniture like couches and chair cushions. Lint removers can be electric devices or manual rollers and brushes.

How to use a lint roller

To use a lint roller, grip it by the handle and rip off a fresh sheet so the surface is sticky. Roll it down the surface you are cleaning to collect lint. Continue to roll it back and forth across your fabric until the sheet is no longer picking up lint, then rip off a new sheet and continue until the clothing is lint-free.

Can lint removers damage clothes?

Lint rollers and removers won't damage your clothes, as long as you are careful to make sure your remover is being used on a suitable material. Lint brushes have very stiff bristles, so can tear delicate fabrics if you brush too hard - make sure to brush gently when using a lint brush on thin cotton and linen clothing.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have a great range of care supplies at Spotlight, including:

  • Garment repair supplies: Mend small tears, create quick hems and remove pencil markings from fabric using our quality garment care supplies. These include tapes, iron-on patches and stain remover bottles, all at competitive prices.
  • Personal care supplies: Keep your clothing comfortable and in place with our personal care supplies, which include shoulder pads, static spray, bra-making supplies like wire and extenders, shoulder straps and body tape.
  • Stain removal: We've got specialty stain removers for all the common spills you hate to remove, like grass, oil, makeup, ink, turmeric, grease and drinks like wine and coffee. You can also find whitening products here to refresh your white garments.

Check out our scissors, dyes and accessories category for other ways to alter and mend your clothing.

Find the right lint removers at Spotlight

Our range of lint removal tools ensures you can always find the right supplies to keep your clothing lint-free and fabulous! Choose your lint roller, brush or remover online, safely pay and we'll deliver them to your chosen address. You can also drop into your local Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the right lint remover for your needs.

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