8 Nature Inspired Bedroom & Home Decor Ideas to Try

8 Nature Inspired Bedroom & Home Decor Ideas to Try

Breathe new life into your living space with nature-inspired home décor pieces. Creating a cohesive decorative style may be tricky, but here at Spotlight we have you covered. From larger features to smaller details, at Spotlight we offer an extensive range of decorative pieces to transform any room in your home into an environment that exudes a natural charm.

Discover our extensive home décor range to elevate your home styling here!

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1. Decorative pieces

Assorted framed wall art, paintings, clocks and mirrors

Decorative pieces play a significant role in establishing your interior styling. Whether they be smaller subtle ornaments or larger decorative displays, home décor features act as the perfect finishing touch to tie in a nature-inspired décor theme.

Introducing greenery to your space will enliven your bedroom and lounge room with a nod to earthy accents. Artificial plants contribute to a nature-inspired home décor without the added fuss of maintenance. Perfect for any room in your home, artificial plants bring an element of the outdoors inside and are stunning decorative pieces all year round with no watering or sunlight required.

Planter pots and vases are also exceptional additions to your spaces. Displaying your artificial plants and floral bouquets in style, these decorative pieces will instantly transport you to a tropical oasis. Select ribbed planter pots and vases in neutral colour browns and beiges for an added sense of depth and dimension while contributing to an earthy theme.

Wall art such as canvas and poster prints featuring tropical branches, simple landscapes and native animals mirror your commitment to everything nature-inspired. Art pieces with MDF and wood framing allow the artwork to shine through while complementing a neutral-toned colour scheme.

Smaller finishing touches such as candles not only contribute to your home styling but elevate the ambience of your space. Candles boasting aromas of green tea, gardens and citrus fruits infuse your space with refreshing scents to evoke a nature-inspired charm.

2. Bed Styling

Providing a combination of the functionality of a practical home with lively decorative accents resembling the outdoors, a nature-inspired decorative theme in your bedroom will elevate your home styling and create a serene ambience in your space. Create a layered cushion arrangement on your bed with lumbar and standard-sized cushions to further promote relaxation. Select cushions boasting lively botanical patterns such as leaves and floral arrangements for a nature-inspired touch. Such patterned cushions complement tropical, and jungle-inspired, printed quilt covers, while also rejuvenating plain bedding arrangements - perfect for introducing a subtle earthy touch.

If a detailed bed styling is more your preference, look for tropical and jungle-inspired prints thick with leaves, small flowers and fern branches. These busy designs and gorgeous patterns will truly make slipping into bed feel like your own personal getaway!

3. Colour palettes

The colour palette of your space further develops your decorative style. For nature-inspired décor themes, earthy colour tones of browns, greens and oranges are exceptional choices for creating a nature-inspired décor scheme. Lighter tones such as sage green bring the beauty of nature indoors, mimicking the greenery of forests and plants to breathe new life into your space. Warmer tones such as dark brown and clay orange are great for adding depth to your space. Finding a balance between these lighter and darker tones evokes a subdued colour scheme for a welcoming ambience.

4. Patterns

Selecting patterns in subdued colour tones elevates your home styling with ease. Common patterns we see in nature-inspired décor include simple checks and stripes along with more detailed fern, palm, and banana leaf designs, as well as incredible floristry work by talented designers. These patterns act as eye-catching decorative features that effortlessly establish a botanical charm. Whether you're looking for an earthy sense of nature or a floristry-inspired style, the colour palettes and patterns play an integral role in establishing your interior style.

Woven natural baskets with handles

5. Storage

Carry a nature-inspired décor theme throughout every room in your home by incorporating this style into your storage solutions. Storage accessories such as boxes and baskets not only organise your space but also contribute to your overall interior décor style. Boxes and tubs made of natural materials such as water hyacinth and bamboo introduce an earthy charm to your space.

Baskets also crafted from natural materials, such as seagrass, act as a refreshing accent to transform your space into a nature-inspired space. These natural materials boast a calming nature-themed colour palette that will have you storing blankets, toys and other home décor essentials in style, contributing to a cohesive decorative style.

Assorted textured, faux fur, check and print patterned cushions

6. Decorative Cushions

Your living room sets the scene for your home styling and with so many wonderful ways to bring a nature-inspired style into your home, your living room is sure to be a place for you to relax in.

Cushions are a core piece of creating a nature-inspired home decorating theme, as they are a great opportunity for texture, patterns and fabric types all in one. Corner tassels are a staple in natural interiors, while dark jungle and botanical patterns contrasted against white backgrounds are a popular choice to highlight this style. Perfectly placed on your sofa or armchair, decorative cushions combine comfort and aesthetic charm to further enhance your home styling experience.

7. Curtains

Take advantage of the natural light entering your space by installing sheer curtains. Sheer curtains allow natural light to filter through your space, brightening your space while drawing more attention to your decorative pieces. These curtains assist in creating a serene and calming space while offering a subtle sense of privacy.

Natural jute rugs and fabric cube ottomans

8. Rugs and Furniture

The base of your living room is also important in creating a natural-inspired décor theme. Rugs bring texture and colour to your space while promoting comfort as you relax. Natural materials like jute, seagrass and sisal are strong, durable and boast neutral colour palettes to bring an earthy accent to your space. Choose ottomans in complementing colours to both highlight your rug and give you somewhere to rest your feet.

Furniture can double as decorative pieces to elevate your home styling. Side tables can both display smaller decorative items and everyday essentials or may be placed in your living space as a stunning finishing touch. Wooden side tables are just as stylish as they are durable. Complete with natural grain lines, these side tables bring an earthy touch to your home styling while acting as a practical decorative solution.

Create a Refreshing Natured Inspired Interior Style With Home Decor From Spotlight

Looking for a fresh outlook in your bedroom and home? Incorporating nature-inspired home décor will rejuvenate your space with a unique blend of urban styling and lush natural designs.

Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door, or visit your nearest Spotlight store and our team will help you find everything you need to create a nature-inspired decor theme in your home.

And for more information on all the ways you can decorate your home, read through our buying guides on candles and home fragrances, decorative cushions and throws and blankets.




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