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What Protective Table Covers Can I Find At Spotlight?

Our collection of affordable table coverings is available in a huge variety of colours and designs and is perfect for banquets, buffets, children's parties or any other event. These coverings are also a great way to add a splash of colour to your home while protecting your dining table. Choose a style that complements your kitchen or dining room style, with simple and elegant options available alongside those that ooze country cottage charm like a round tablecloth.

There are so many bright and funky designs to choose from, including traditional gingham, colourful patterns that would be ideal for a child's playroom, or even lace-style options for a traditional flavour. This collection also includes clear plastic tablecloths that can be used over your fabric table linens to protect them from becoming stained. These clear plastic table covers will ensure that your tablecloth can still be seen clearly underneath, without putting it at risk and allowing your PVC tablecloth to take all the risks - they're great for use as temporary party table cloths!

How Should I Clean My New Table Covering?

That depends on which of our tablecloth fabrics you have chosen, and we always recommend reading the care instructions that come with your individual product fully before cleaning. A selection of our table coverings, such as plastic tablecloths and vinyl tablecloths, can be easily wiped clean for your convenience. If you want to give your new table a full cleaning, hand wash it in the tub using cold water and a mild detergent and do not tumble dry. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach on any protective table covers.

What Other Tableware Do You Sell At Spotlight?

If you are looking to set your table for success, then you can find pretty much all the decorative items and serving ware that you could possibly need at Spotlight.

  • Alternatively, if you are looking for a dinner set to serve your meals in style, to replace your dining cutlery or to add colour to your table set up with a table runner, check out the choice available at Spotlight. The key to a memorable table setting is colour coordination, and with so many colours and designs to choose from at Spotlight, your dining style is guaranteed to be a success.

Find The Right Tablecloths And Table Coverings At Spotlight

Style your table right with Spotlight! We're delighted to offer an excellent selection of tableware both online and in our stores - with many payment options available, it's easy to lift the look of your dining space.

Ready to start decorating? Have a read of our decorate blog online for beautiful and stylish ideas, like our Christmas table setting blog and home bar setup guide.



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