Refreshing Coastal Bedroom & Home Decor Ideas

Refreshing Coastal Bedroom & Home Decor Ideas

Are you looking for a way to invite the soft colours and rustic textures of the beach into your home - without the mess of sand and salt? Transform your home into an oceanic paradise using any of our dreamy coastal bedroom and home decor ideas! Permeate every room of your home with the airy, calming influence of a deep-sea style that mixes the modern stylings of technology with the organic influence of nature. The result is an enchanting and fluid space that evokes introspective thought and calm, even on the busiest days!

Decorated room with sheer white curtains, shell bowl decor, pastel coloured wall art & baby blue sofa chair

Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Bedrooms are the one space in your home that really needs to evoke peace and quiet, so immersing your sleeping space in coastal home decor is a lovely way to ensure a restful night's sleep. Implementing the right coastal bedroom ideas can transform your bedroom into a place you'll love to retire to every night!

Coastal bedrooms need bedding that features fine textures like quilted sectioning, pleats and even a little tufting, creating inviting quilts and blankets that are irresistible for cosying into.

Flat colours like mustard yellow, emerald and navy are all wonderful choices for your bedspread, or you can choose a more vibrant quilt featuring contemporary, topographical and nature-inspired prints to create a more visually detailed experience. Aqua, blue and seafoam-coloured sheets further instil a sense of quiet in your coastal bedroom - are you sinking into your bed, or into the warmth of the summer ocean?

Small pieces of coastal bedroom decor can add touches of seaside charm to your bedroom - think seashells, small pieces of driftwood, transparent vases of coloured sand and small sea glass mosaics. These coastal bedroom decorations can be sourced from your local beach (never take too much or pieces that are being used by wildlife as shelter), or you can browse the range of coastal bedroom decor at Spotlight!

Light blue and brown check quilt cover matching with the bedroom steel blue coloured feature wall

Coastal Home Decor Materials

Use textural materials to create a living space that is inviting, cosy and calming for every part of your home. Velvets are an important feature in many coastal bedroom ideas, as their soft feel and luxurious shine are the ideal way to represent the magic and stillness of the ocean. You will also find many quilted and fringe textures here, adding playfulness to rooms while retaining an overall sense of quiet style and harmony.

Harder materials also have a place in coastal home decor. Both coloured and transparent glass create gleaming slants of light around your space, while materials like glossy ceramics and burnished metals bring an edge of modernity to an otherwise organic design.

Quartz, stone and even biodegradable plastics will enforce the presence of nature in your home without overpowering your contemporary decor, creating a mix of natural and synthetic that reflects our modern lifestyle.

Assorted textured cushion in geometric and floral patterns

Coastal Dining Room Decor

You can choose dishware that reflects the many gorgeous colours of the ocean. Stone white and grey plates evoke a cresting wave or sea spray, while delightful seafoam green bakeware showcases the ocean in a glorious tropical bay. Glazed dinnerware in navy blue, charcoal grey and sandy beige round out the oceanic colour palette, while ribbing and glazing effects highlight the many delightful textures you'll find in the sand and seas.

Coloured glassware in bold blues and greens makes every drink a delight, while hand-made plates, bowls and jugs have curves that could be moulded by the very sea itself.

Dining table covered in a striped tablecloth and set with blue dinnerware and shell fruit bowl

Smaller Coastal Home Decor Ideas

Tiny touches of quality decor will create delightful pockets of space around your home for all to enjoy. A mottled glass candleholder evokes ripples of sunlight underwater, while pebble-form bowls bring to mind glossy shards of sea glass along the beach. And don't forget your painted glass vases and decor - stripes will bring a more nautical feel to your space, while semi-transparent glazes pay tribute to delicate coral reefs and underwater structures.

Scent is an important part of coastal home decor - use simple candles or a diffuser to uplift your home with the scents of the ocean and beach. Sea salt, aloe vera, spearmint and even the faint scent of dried algae and plankton can instantly transport you to your favourite spot on the coast.

The right accessories can tie all your other coastal home decor ideas together - indulge in your choice of decorations to complete your coastal home makeover!

White shelving unit with cut out sections filled with assorted candles, dried flowers, books and shell décor

Enjoy The Coastal Life With Home Decor From Spotlight

Start implementing these coastal bedroom ideas, dining room accessories and house-wide coastal home decor from the range of homewares at Spotlight! We are one of the best destinations for coastal home decor in Australia - shop online for home delivery or in-store for all your coastal home decor needs.

We're big fans of everything DIY at Spotlight - if you want your coastal beach decor to have a more personal touch, try making our Timber Beach Sign, Ocean In A Box and Ocean Cliff Painting projects. And for more information on all the ways you can decorate your home, read through our buying guides on candles and home fragrances, decorative cushions and throws and blankets.




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