Home decor ideas to make your home a peaceful and tranquil space

Home decor ideas to make your home a peaceful and tranquil space

Home is your sanctuary - your place of refuge - where you can turn down the volume of life and detox from the distractions of the world. Now more than ever, we need tranquility in our homes, and we can do that by introducing the appropriate colours, textures and home decorating to create moods that soothe the soul.

Our tranquility trend will have you floating on clouds of soft cushions, diffusing positivity into the air and wrapping yourself in the sensations of twilight and dawn 'magic hours' when the sun melts or rises on the horizon. It's not hard to achieve - it's just a matter of choosing wisely.

In The Bedroom

In the bedroom

Tranquility in the bedroom comes in nature's more subdued colours - blush pinks, moss greens and powder blues that combine for a sense of serenity that dares the mind not to disengage and usher in the most rejuvenating of sleeps.

Pay attention to not only the colours but also the qualities and texture of fabrics. For example, bamboo sheets are thick and silky smooth, while cotton is cool and light.

Better bed styling will turn your bed from a basic necessity into your personal oasis. Drape soft-coloured throws (that you love!) across the quilt and stack or casually scatter cushions and pillows to transform your bed into something truly heavenly.

In The Bathroom

In the bathroom

The bathroom is not just a room for washing yourself - it's a place to soak, indulge and take a moment or two to breathe and reset. With tranquility d├ęcor, your bathroom becomes a comforting cocoon for contemplation or to simply tune out.

Coordinate your bathroom accessories - from soap dishes to lotion dispensers to toothbrush cups to toilet brush holders - so everything is harmoniously integrated. Choose hues that are ethereal and opt for matte or natural stone-like textures.

Your bathroom manchester should be tactile and luxurious but you can also be bold and mix and match these sensations - a coarse jute rug coupled with some extra-thick cotton towels and tufted or contoured bath mats, perhaps? Think about feeling these textures between your toes and wrapping them around your body.

In The Wall Art

In the wall art

Welcome the outdoors inside with wall art prints of dreamy locales - the beach, mountains, waterfalls and other serene settings. Go big with landscapes or small with the minute details of swirls on shells or the tiny veins on leaves. Look for wall art that showcases organic shapes, shadowing, gradation and soft focus.

Your walls are also the perfect gallery for mirrors of all styles, shapes and sizes. Use mirrors to enlarge rooms or effectively create new 'windows' that reflect the interior of your home, rather than look outside. Position your mirrors to make the most of their reflective qualities so natural light is enhanced and the tranquil corners and features of your home can be seen from different rooms and different directions.

In The Greenery

In the greenery

Nothing says tranquility like plants and flowers but the upkeep can deter some people, and dying plants definitely detract from any sense of tranquility in the home. Instead, consider introducing high-quality artificial foliage into your rooms to wondrously replicate greenhouse aspects without the care and maintenance.

Shapely succulents in glass terrariums are a stunning addition to living room decor when given pride of place on a coffee table - perfect for focusing on during meditative moments - or used as the centrepiece on a dining table to set the mood for a calm and relaxing family eating experience.

Even with artificial greenery, 'planting' in decorative pots of soft colours or with floral patterns will contribute volumes to the tranquility trend across your space.

In The Air

In the air

One of the most underrated, yet powerful, senses is our sense of smell. By harnessing the principles of aromatherapy and introducing 100% essential oil fragrances into your home, you are wrapping your family in a veil of tranquility.

Scents such as Ylang Ylang, Lavendula, Rosemary and Sandalwood are celebrated for their positive benefits on both the mind and body. Fantasy concoctions - like Oceania and Seagrass - combine a variety of oils into a unique aromatic blend.

Position various fragrance diffusers across the rooms of your home to paint your space with layers of scent. Choose to burn candles when the time is right to enhance the atmosphere with the kind of tranquility that only an aromatic candle can offer.

Sheer Curtains

Once you've achieved the broad brushstrokes, consider the little details to really bring your tranquil landscape to life. Tactile cushions that are also soothing on the eye, stone or muted-toned crockery for a peaceful and harmonious table spread, ornaments that are elegant and curvaceous, sheer curtains billowing in the breeze... all these items combine to create a type of tranquility that is uniquely you.

Use our tranquility trend in your home to put the brakes on the pace of life, to give you and your family a greater sense of wellbeing and mindfulness, to find a better way of living. You deserve it.




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